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Hazard descends the stairs of the great mansion, holding a bottle of champagne in one hand, 'Oh is that you Lyssia dear? You know what today is don't you? What we've finally finished out back?'

Lyssia blinks in surprise and pauses, "No, sir?"

Hazard snickers happily as he motions towards the back, 'Silly girl, you're so forgetful. Today we've completed the cage for our new pet. Come come!'

Lyssia ohs and rubs the back of her neck, following after, "Yes, daddy."

Hazard grins happily and steps out into the backyard. Its a lush place, almost forested in the richness of your father's hard work. Standing clear outside, just rising a good number of feet above floor level is a thick glass sheet, which, when peered over, allows the viewer to see deep down into the pit where Auntie lies sleeping, thick legs curled up at his sides. Hazard leads you over, to the edge of the pit, 'See that precious...' he whispers, his paw crawling over your skirt covered rump, 'Thats Auntie...'

Lyssia blinks and peers, closing her eyes slightly and raising a hand up just above her eyes to try and see bet, "Auntie?" Her young childish attitude just curiousity, your paw creasing some of her skirt up her rump cheeks.

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