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Diary of a vixen [posted]

..this is a growth… progression[?] story[?] .. in any case our vixen starts out without and acquires greatly. I have the first ten pages roughed out, will be posting previews here as i pencil and such.

UPDATE: and here is a proper page 1 scan.. nine more to go. this will be a two parter at least.

UPDATE: and page two.. which replaces page one. that ones gone now.

UPDATE: and three, time for a nap.

UPDATE: back to work, page #4 pencilled.

UPDATE:working thru penciling the rest of the batch, want to get the color/shading started/finished tonight.

UPDATE:so color is just about done [one last page] will post this tomorrow when i get up.

UPDATE:all done, at least the first chapter, is posted on wild… up next that equine comic, have a couple of these.

am back…

an update…

yet another sleepover [m/mmmm C-vore]

a introduction [m/m/F vore with poop]

syndrome at 7 [preview]

the Full Set [f/m CTG herm equine]

am back!

..a cover for T’sade

a vixen