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BellyStuffed Vore, and other forms of belly stuffing
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ok, there was a request for this, for historical purposes only since it's not being updated..

commisions-->Yes, commissions are open again, e-mail me if your interesting in having something done. I generally charge 10 a page for black and white and 20 for color. I'm going to be taking things a bit slow at the moment so some patience might be required, don't want to get behind on stuff again.

the Rookie [equine TF]

.. posted on wild, this one takes place the morning after the werehorse story. I don’t think i’ve quite got the hang of this kinda painted style stuff, is to messy which saying a lot, i tend to have a lot of messiness in my art.

Swamp slut [possum girl TF]

Room for the Night [unbirthing, TF, preg]

the Forging [another birthday comic]

The Sentence [non-con f/equine CTF]

will be posting momentarily…

Catch as catch can [m/butt-vore]

so i had a thought…

tight fit [c-vore]

palki and zola [soft vore]