CURRENT PROJECTS>rampant transfomation>vore and such.. also lots of Shasta.>Giantess comics.

IN-ACTIVE PROJECTS>futa/hentai/dickgirls with maybe some other stuff thrown in...>BE, breast enlargment and lots of it!>more furry RP porn activity

BellyStuffed Vore, and other forms of belly stuffing
mamabliss's NIFTY TF[transformation]Archives-->an alternate location for TF material.>giantess archives>the old vore and unbirthing archives>a bit of can'(just a bit of new stuff)

-->The Forum:non-active at the moment [since people were using this anyway]

-->the old story archives
ok, there was a request for this, for historical purposes only since it's not being updated..

commisions-->Yes, commissions are open again, e-mail me if your interesting in having something done. I generally charge 10 a page for black and white and 20 for color. I'm going to be taking things a bit slow at the moment so some patience might be required, don't want to get behind on stuff again.

first thing…

..first step is to re-format the front page on my site, will use it as a template for the others if it works out ok, am looking to have a regular ‘front page’ rather then the blog format, current state can be confusing, shouldn’t take more then a couple of hours. Then i’ll get to work on a few pages of the ‘porno’ comic i had going on there before….

What i’m looking to do during the next few weeks if form a baseline, will be updating shasta’ and goddess’ every other day and wild’ and my transformation stuff daily, possibly a couple of pages at a time. As stated before i’ve been letting my TF work slide for a bit and need to get it firmly back on track.

UPDATE:working up a few pages. not gonna change the front page as much as i thought. the main reason i have to put everything into ‘blog’ posts is to be able to use tags for the comics and the resultant tag cloud which is probably the easiest way to provide usefull info…

plz stand by…

page of slumber party..

still totallly on track!

still alive…

still on track…


aiming for the 17th..

work continues….