Gigant@ update

…Update is done and posted below! will post with the rest of the comic.. ..when i have a chance.

As explained in the main thread for this… this is a commision project that got orphaned so i’ve been completing it with funds from a consortium of interested readers. If your interested in tossing some funds in [am figuring 20 a page] email me [], i figure will run another 15-20 pages to complete.

UPDATE 3/3:funding for the next 10 pages has been acquired so we are good to go.










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  1. go mama go!! keep em coming!

  2. I definitely like this style better, Whoever said they preferred the other is insane.

    More detail, crisper outlines, easier to read words.

  3. I totally agree with what Anonymous just said.
    Mama, at first I didn’t didn’t like your new style because of the color schemes used in the first two pages of the Froggy TF story. However, I loved the color schemes on every page of the story, after the third page.
    I also started to noticed smaller details within every panel, which would have blended into the background, if you were inking the old-fashioned way.
    Some of your fans say that this new style subdues the natural flow of your artwork; so to please them, you could always post your un-inked work first and then post the finished product to please us.

  4. Sorry, I meant after the second page, not the third page. :/

  5. LOL - that’s really quite awesome :D

  6. My favorite part is coming up (After page 32).

    Great work so far!

  7. this style is 100 times better than the over it’s crisp, it’s new, it’s b-e-a-utiful!
    I can’y wait till the next enstallment for the fart

  8. Very nice, Don’t mind what other people are trying to say. I can tell you did your best with this and it shows.

  9. The best part is in the next installment

  10. indeed. The next part will be EPIC!! I hope someone will contribute some funds her way to get this moving while there is some momentum.

  11. ‘next update’ fund is now at 100, so will be at least 5 pages.

  12. Come on everyone! I cranked in the $100 - lets get this thing finished!!

  13. Corsair also put in $100, so now we have $200! :)

  14. what, where?

  15. so if we got enough for 5 pages how long wil it be before we see those?

  16. fund is now at 200 so we are set for 10 pages, is hard to say in terms of schedule since i am juggling a bunch of stuff. sooner then later though.

  17. badreality: No! That was for the previous update (the actual one she just released).

    But you were kind of right in a way, I just sent her 100$… 2 minutes ago… so you might be a sort of prophet or something. :P

    Now that we have momentum we need more of you guys to join the funding party! Go go go!

  18. no.. nuff money. anyone want to put more in gotta wait for the round of fund raising!

  19. wow, you guys are amazing, and thank-you. There is no going around it now ms.bliss. you now have more than enough funds to make this a priority & bring this thing to its final epic completion. no ifs ands or butts about it.

    make yourself most of all, and us all happy, by finishing the compilation once and for all.

  20. “no ifs ands or butts about it.”

    Worst pun ever lol

  21. loll i know. it was corny. heh


    Just kidding. :b

    @ Corsair
    @ Zetro
    You’re right Corsair. I misinterpreted your last comment on the Giganta thread. However, what happened afterwards was a lucky coincidence. I’ve gotta thank you and Zetro for funding the next section of this comic. I appreciate your efforts.

  23. Im giving you one week Mama.

    Make it count.

  24. 23.Anon wrote:

    Im giving you one week Mama.

    Make it count.

    Whats the rush? I would rather see it done right.

  25. This is amazing , it makes it worth waiting for :D … hopes the next update comes sooner

  26. Anon: I think you’re in no position to impose any deadline…

    Like Zetro was saying I don’t care how long it takes I also prefer to see it done right.

  27. anonymous has spoken.. i assume if i dont make it in time my van will explode… ..good thing i dont have one!

  28. So have the new pages already begun getting worked on?

  29. Popo - This maybe just me but I think when any page is complete it should be jsuted posted. Even if it’s one at a time I rather have that then waiting to long.
    However, I am greatful for the contribution of this art especially to the gitantess fan base, so I try not to complain. But take what I said merely as a suggestion please.

  30. Anonymous: This is just a matter of personal preference, I prefer to have them all released at once even if it means waiting longer.

    Also, this is not the first time I see this comment. Anonymous you seem to think Mamabliss is drawing one page per week or so, but I really don’t think this is the case. I think she’s just busy working on other projects, or real life obligations etc… When she finally gets to our comic she draws the next batch in a few days.

    In fact, for the last batch, she did exactly what you asked and released them one by one… but they were all released during the same night after months of waiting… This is why I think your request doesn’t make much sense (no offense).

  31. @ Corsair , let me explain I just mean to have one page update a week.

  32. Very funny Anonymous… but I don’t think you’ll ever going to see your request fulfilled…

    Just let Mamabliss do what she wants. I think an artist will do a better job when she has the freedom to work as she please…

  33. I just want it finished, if more $$$ needs put up for the rest (if it isn’t done in this batch) I will put it up as well.

    I have enjoyed Mamabliss’s work for a long time and I feel obligated to put some money out. My take is that if it takes 2 months thats fine, in my “donation/investment” emails with MB I never pushed or asked when it would be done. All I hoped is that more GTS material would be on the way!

  34. I appreciate you Zetro.

  35. I hope she has a huge growth spurt!

  36. I agree that a growth spurt would be a good idea. After all in the script she is supposed to smash the entire group of jets between her breasts, and I think that would be a little hard to accomplish at her current size…

  37. It possible she was supposed to be bigger in the first the place.

  38. also, I suspect there is a missing scene. atom is supposed to reach his demise in her asshole. Flash is supposed to be squashed flat by her ass, I think.

  39. i changed the script slightly for the Fl@sh.. as for the Atom haven’t had the end yet. Next update for this should be around the beginning of April.

  40. Thanks for the update :D

    I look forward to it

  41. Well hurry the fuck up already. Mmamabliss we don’t have forever to wait on you. You have time to mess around with vomit worty cock vore.

  42. ^ Kindly shut the fuck up. No one is here to cater to your ass alone fuckface.

    Other people have other interest, and I LOVE GTS but I’m not an inconsiderate dickwad like you. If anything you should be grateful your pathetic little life even gets to see it for free at other people’s expense.

  43. ^ Here, Here. I applaud you.

  44. Better watch out MB, Anonymous seems like he means business! ;)

    Can’t wait to see the update, though. This has been an awesome comic so far!

  45. Well said Anonymous! (comment # 42). :)

  46. To anonymous commenter # 41.

    I am anxious on the progress of the comic as well. This is most likely due to previously contributing on its progress in the past. however, you must show restraint.

    A comment like that will encourage nothing, unless the object of the post was to…what is the term, troll.

  47. I agree with you Anonymous #41.

  48. Ha… Anonymous is telling himself off.

  49. @ Everyone
    No, Anonymous not telling himself off… There are a few Anonymouses that meander this site.

    1. The first Anonymous (commenter #41) is considered by most to be a troll. He has been a fan of Mama B’s longer than any of us. Constant delays to her work in the past have left him hardboiled and bitter.

    2. The second Anonymous (commenter #42) fully supports Mamabliss. Commenter #42 is the yin to commenter #41’s yang. He’s always upbeat.

    3. The third Anonymous (commenter #29) seems to not be a natural English speaker. He constantly requests for weekly updates and if I didn’t believe that Mamabliss draws pr0n as a side job/hobby and draws/colors a comic in a few days and can release said comic at the end of the previously stated labor period, I’d agree with his opinions.

    4. The fourth Anonymous (commenter #23) calls himself Anon. I speculate that Anon’s screen name may have been inspired by a previously stated Anonymous. I also used to speculate that this may be the first Anonymous shortening his screen name to fit a casual mood which he may have been experiencing at the moment. This viewpoint is supported by Mamabliss in comment #27 in which she thinks that Anon is the first Anonymous. Even if two or more people have the same screen name, they would have different email addresses connected these identities and since this is MB’s site she can view each screen name and correlating email address and tell who’s who. This viewpoint is also supported by the fact that Anon (almost) always has the same viewpoints as the first Anonymous. When I read comment #48 I could see that I was mistaken.

    All four of these Anonymouses could be individual people or an individual with multiple personalities. All of this demonstrates the power of having a personal identity because WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE ONE OR IF YOU SHARE ONE, PEOPLE START TO THINK THAT YOU’RE CRAZY BECAUSE IT APPEARS TO THEM THAT YOU’RE ANSWERING YOURSELF!!

    whew ‘_’!

    @ All Anonymouses
    I propose that all Anonymouses answer this comment. Post the exact date in which you became a fan of Miss Bliss. The Anonymous that has the greatest seniority will get to keep his/her screen name. As for the rest of you, please come up with a name that has a flare of originality to it, so that the rest of us can tell you apart from the crowd. Thank you.

  50. So… Anonymous is bipolar? :P

  51. All Anons can agree that mamab needs to hurry the hell up with this Giganta comic amiright? :3

  52. Welp, you were right bad reality. I was only one of those (42). Even though I hate waiting it kind of makes it worth it you know?

    Maybe I should start using a name.

  53. Hey I’ve been a fan since 2004 or something like that. I’m the who wrote I hope she has another growth spurt. Love her belly expansion project too. #35

  54. Anonymous was you looking at a picture of your mom when you typed that up. I don’t have to be grateful for nothing you little shit. To hell gtsquisit I’m very serious. To everyone here I’m a troll, but mamabliss is bigger troll she would rather give us mediocre to crap work. I could less if anyone here thinks I’m troll.

  55. I’m #35 u talking to me about looking at a picture of my mom? Huh?!

  56. Yeah… There’s too many damn Anon/Anonymous here.

  57. @ Fatheadtrooper
    Thank you for creating a screen name. It really helps to decrease the confusion around here.

    @ commenter #35/#53
    I think that you may have the greatest seniority of all of the Anonymouses, but I’m going to hold off for a few more days before I crown you as the only person on this site, permitted to have the title of Anonymous.

  58. I have a question for the name.
    Why are you called Mama Bliss is there some deep seeded meaning behind it?

  59. its a name for doing porn on the internet… the original concept i had for the site back in 2000 had it centered around the mamabliss character being hooked up to the internet and the comics taking place in her mind… very meta.

  60. Did you just change that idea?

  61. so is this going to update on april first?

  62. gobuko: Mamabliss said she was aiming for an update on early April or so, but she didn’t promise anything. Hoping for an update on April 1st might be a little too optimistic don’t you think?

  63. @ Commenter #35
    Alright, you can use the Anonymous name as you like.
    @ The rest of you.
    “Mr. No Verb”, please make a name for yourself. That goes for you too, Anon.

  64. What if Mamabliss released a false Giganta update today? Sooo many people would be mad. She would laugh so hard…

  65. badreality: Yes! That would be a really funny April fools! :)

  66. :D

  67. I would be upset if she did that, since she takes long time as is. I mean I am sure I would laugh about it later sure, but at first I am pretty sure I’d be angry.
    Just hankering for gianganta flatulence ^^ hehehe.

  68. comments re-opened, wordpress has a ‘close comments after a certain ammount of time’ function to cut back on spam and such.

  69. Always good to have spam control.

  70. are we getting updated soon?

  71. Is the update coming soon?

  72. Can we get an update?
    I heard it was beigging of april we are heading into wk 3

  73. umms…yes there is an update. the new pages up in a more recent thread.

  74. Where? I don’t see it ^^;