out of it

.. am still about, i caught a cold or a fever or something which has me kinda out of it.

Comments (9) to “out of it”

  1. Feel better.

  2. Wow, okay that sounds more like a command then a well wishing. I mean:

    “I hope you feel better soon.”

  3. Dr. Ramzryu will help you get better! Just try one of my various concoctions! Now, was it the green bubbly one in the test tube or the frothy pink one in the flask? I forget….

  4. Get well soon mama!

  5. take care mamabliss, those of us with sufficient psychological heath all care about you.

  6. Ah get well soon!

    I was really impressed with the Invitation arc. Id love to see more like it but all your stuff is great!

  7. hope you get better soon mama

  8. Mama, hope you get better.

    Consequently, has anyone seen this movie?
    That looks totally awesome(better than the blob).

  9. you re always “out of it”