the Giganta comic


..the first half or so of it is posted on maxGTS‘.

Would people like to see this completed? And do those people saying ‘yes’ want to back it with funds of a monetary nature? Perhaps form a consortium to see it thru to its completion since i’ve lost touch with its original backer. The script is here… it is indeed insane.

email me at mamadrawing[put the symbol here] if your interested, i wont require any funds up front, just need to see if there’s support for it.

Update 10/31: Opinion is split between those who might want to see it continue and those who would rather commission something else if their going to be [financialy] involved. Both extremely valid viewpoints.

I wont make a big huge deal about it. If anyone wants to toss in 20$ for the next batch of pages email me. I’ll keep this thread open till its done.

Update 11/04: oookay, Goddess is funded for a few more pages so we are a go.

Update 01/01:4 more pages posted… so now i’m looking for some funds to cover the next batch of pages, email me if you have some handy you want to toss in.

Update 01/03:The next batch of pages is funded so on it goes. Hopefully without quite so much of a delay between updates this time.

Update 03/01:Nice big update here! am pleased with how this came out, the digital inks look super nice. will see how many people will toss in support for the next batch, would be nice to do another 10 pages. would say will be 15-20 to complete, maybe a lil more.

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  1. It sucks the guy who ordered it bailed :(

    Though even if i did have some cash I wouldn’t pick this up. The artwork is great but the whole giantess crushing lots of people isn’t my thing.

    When i save enough I’ll order an Ass time comic, something like “Return of the Gypsy Lady”, “BAD!”, “Duty”, and “Work to do” but more sexual.

    But that might take awhile :( I hope someone does it in my place… Looking at those comics always does it for me but something new and fresh is really worth paying for.

  2. Man I’m your BIGGEST FAN, I am an admirer of giantess and have a very large collection on the subject, but from everything I’ve got their work are the best! The mixture of giantess and humiliation with scat are what I appreciate more, please I beg you to create more stories! You are the best !!!!!

  3. MB, Can one changer the story if paid? How much you looking for? I’m not into the whole scat…farting stuff. Question is how much and can the 2nd half change?

  4. The script does not really sound that insane compared to the sheer madness of the “Teaching” comic (Would die to see more of that). Nonetheless, I am curious of just how much in funding were you hoping for to finish this comic as well.

  5. I would be interested in helping fund this, as long as it remains as crazy as it is currently. ^^

  6. I love it! Would love to see more vore and definitely would contribute monetarily.

  7. The story is awesome! Finish it for free please :)

  8. it will be for free as long as other people will help pay for it… such is the world these days. like i say [above] e-mail me if you want to toss in some funds for it.

  9. I wouldn’t mind paying 20$ to see the original script done.

  10. So is the giganta comic going to be finished?

  11. quite possibly. if people have the interest and support for it i’ll keep this thread going till its done.

  12. Wel lI am glad its possible, but what if no one can afford to are ya gonan jsut drop it then?
    Cause that seems liek a waste.

  13. the danger with making ‘more pages’ contingent on fundage is that if there isn’t a good enough response the lack of foward momentum will cause the public to lose interest. In this case though it isnt a big deal, i have lots of other things i’m working on, i’ll just leave this open till its done.

  14. Well I for one would like to thnx u mama 4 the work u’ve been doing. Your comics are areal pleasure to see and to read. So I can’t wait till ya wrap up your giaganta one.
    Do ya have an estimation on it’s completion?

  15. I think this script has tremendous potential and it would be a shame if it was not completed. Do you have any idea when we will see the 1st of the next few pages?

  16. sooon, sorry if the commenting cpability got turned off for this thread momentarily, i have a ’stop comments after 21 days’ script going here to prevent spammage.

  17. How soon is soon? LOL not that I don’t trust you I do its jsut I came off of waiting for a comic that took two years to jsut get to its next chapter so I am a little on edge when people say “soon”.

  18. Are you by any change reffering to Pawn, Anon? Just curious.

  19. That is a relief. I was concerned the project was shelved.

  20. You are a sick, sick bastard, and if you don’t finish this cartoon I’m going to drive a nail though my head.

    all the best,


  21. Yes Swordman I mean PAWN the time it took seemed insane utterly insane.

  22. Keep the pages coming! this comic rocks!!

  23. is there an estimated time frame when we wil see new pages fer this, it looks like we are getting more pages do to funding so when can we be seeing more?

  24. please make one all about farting

  25. Please continue this story! When they left the next pages?

  26. I think all of your giantess stuff is awesome I like the crush part and the insertions sex parts that scat ones are good like “teaching” and I like little guy life the most out of all your stories I think its really up to you if you want to keep drawning it. Anything you do is very well drawn.

  27. i need t get the next lil batch of pages done here. wanna get it up in the next couple of days hopefully

  28. Looking forward to it.

  29. looking forward to more giganta please get it done soon ^^

  30. hope it gets done!

  31. I hope it at least gets passed the Hospital scene… Man I’d be so happy

  32. same here.

  33. happy holidays. fingers crossed here…

  34. Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukha

  35. I thought the pgs would be done by christmas?
    Maybe I mis read something.

  36. hey peoples, things got a bit away from me over the christmases, i’m gettin on this project right away though.

  37. well don’t stress mama, we appreciate and love what you do.
    I hope your xmas was safe and fun by the way.

  38. the 2 month suspense is growing :D

  39. No rush, but every day you delay this I will eat a basket of puppies.

    Ok, I won’t eat the puppies but we’re on pins and needles.

  40. Curious when should we expect the new pages?

  41. thank-you.

    These pages are incredible. I just sent you some funds for at least a page or two as that’s all i can afford right now. please guys, help yourselves out. send a 20 her way to cover another amazing page. This cant get done without your help!

  42. oh man great work, but is stopped before we got to any real gassy stuff, I want to see this beast of a woman crack a big one off.

    Thank you for the great amazing work happy new year to mama.

  43. Hmm, so the original commission cost around 400 bucks at 20 dollars a page? Man, when will we see a completed version? (If 4 pages takes 2 months). How much would $60 get me? lol

  44. I admit that was disappointing. however, if enough people get together and scrounge together enough for a little more than 4 pages…it should give ms.mama some incentive to make this a priority.

  45. I hope we don’t neet to wait 2 months.

  46. “I wont make a big huge deal about it. If anyone wants to toss in 20$ for the next batch of pages email me. I’ll keep this thread open till its done.”

    Normally MamamB asks 20$ for a single page in color, so this is actually a bargain. 4 pages would normally be 80$, but now it’s just 20$. 75% off!

  47. Love the new pages to new goddess!

  48. thankyou guys for contributing. another few pages funded is great news. This comic is absolutely epic. :)

  49. RE:previous comment by ’swordsman’, when i said ‘toss in 20 for the next batch of pages’ i meant as part of the larger ammount needed. jussssst to clarify.

  50. Yeah I’d be willing to chip in some bucks, but I can’t find the artists email! Some one throw it down for me please?

  51. here you are JT, Your help is appreciated.

  52. Is there a time frame we can expect these pages?
    Just out of curiosity.

  53. She did mention it should not take as long to post an update. so… im hoping long, long before the end of this month. or ASAP works for me.

  54. @ gtsquisit, guess it took longer than a month huh?
    Bummer I really want to see the next batch.

  55. yes, i suppose it is. i guess she didn’t get enough funding to make this a priority.

  56. @ gtsquisit, that is a shame, but I hope it comes out soon since I feel a month is a tad on the long side. even if we didn’t all pay for it.

  57. The first 24 pages were hand-colored and the rest will be digitally inked in. We’ll get to see the difference between both of mamabliss’ stylings. Hopefully she can make everything blend in.

  58. Making styles blend are always a challenge.
    Well save fer when the comic book industry does it it just never looks right then I dcan read one comic drawn by jim lee and it looks pretty good but then I read one by ed mcguinness, who’s rt kicks ass, but everyone is just really musculkar.

  59. That’s true. We’ll just have to wait and see how everything turns out.

  60. @ badreality, lets just hope it happens soon honestly i rather hve a weekly pg update then a monthly or loner wait fer like 4 pgs.

  61. @Anonymous It’d be great if Mama B could make a graphic showing the total amount of money funded for A New Goddess and how much more is needed to completely finish it.

    She could update it weekly.

  62. If she made something like that we’d at least know when to expect another 20 pages.

  63. @ badreality , are you refering to how she should have a sort of schedual to regulate updating?

  64. I’m not exactly talking about a schedule… Let me give you an example.

    I think the commission costs a total of $2000 to complete at $20 a colored page. We have 24 pages completed which equates to $480 dollars invested.
    Mamabliss could have a bar diagram on her home page showing something like this.

    [//// ]

    She could update it weekly showing a steady progression of funding available for the project.

    Week 2
    [///// ]

    Week 3
    [////// ]

    Week 4
    [/////// ]

    Week 5
    [///////// ]

    When she’s acquired enough money to make this project an incentive for her we’ll know when to expect the next batch of pages.
    I waited two months for an additional 4 pages of artwork. They were 4 pages of quality artwork, but since I had no clue of how much of the project had been funded, I was expecting Mamabliss to procure 20 pages instead of 4.

  65. My diagrams got completely messed up when I hit the submit button. They were supposed to look something like this.


    Week 2

    Week 3

    Week 4

    Week 5

  66. That would be a good idea. The question is, would it be simple to implement. The answer of course, is completely up to ms.Bliss.

  67. as i’ve said i dont want to make a big deal about the whole thing. Funding for the next batch is up to 9 pages… possibly will be 10.

  68. well I look forward to the next release and i hope it will be soon.

  69. @gtsquisit


  70. I hope it’s soon.
    I feels as though its taking nearly as long as the last one.

  71. @Anonymous

    I think its close to being twice as long now

  72. that’s whi I suggested having it update ever week with a single pg rather than months upon months then jsut gettignthem all at once.

  73. Anonymous: And what makes you think she’s drawing 1 page per week? Maybe she doesn’t draw for weeks, then gets 4 or 5 pages done at the same time etc… And personally I’d rather get them all at once. 1 page at a time would be torture for me.

    Just be patient and give Ms.Bliss some time. It might take longer ’cause this one is in color, she has other commissions going on, real life getting in the way etc… I don’t know.

    I’m just excited as you to see this comic continuing, but I don’t think putting pressure on her is going to make things go faster.

  74. and so we wait…

  75. bhhhv,j

  76. @ Anonymous
    I don’t get it. :s
    Did you just have a seizure?

  77. he probably did that so the thread doesn’t close yet again loll

  78. So how come the pages?

  79. your guess is as good as mine.

  80. Lol!

  81. i must say. she certainly has a unique business model…

  82. What do you mean?

  83. perhaps its best i don’t explain. i am merely frustrated with the progress on the project. This of course is amplified by the fact that i invested money into it.

    I see now that some inklings of an update are showing on another post, so i will refrain from proceeding into a full blown rant.

  84. Let’s be honest, we all think Mamabliss needs to hurry the fuck up with this comic. A 2 month wait is not acceptable at all. Im just saying what wer are all thinking. SO hurry the fuck of Mamab, it shouldnt take 2 months to draw a few fucking pages.

  85. well said, Sora. well said.

  86. Captains Log, star date March 1st.

    It’s been nearing two months and still no update. Shame as this comic is sexy.
    I shouldn’t complain as I didn’t invest money in it. However those who have I feel sorry that they have been waiting this long and haven’t gotten anything for their cold hard cash.

    Options, update monthly or in bundles bi weekly. There must be a better system in uploading so we don’t need to wait 2 months.

    End, Captains log.

  87. By the way I financed 100$ of the next update but I’m not putting any pressure on her. In fact, I don’t remember signing a contract with her specifying any deadline for delivery… Just chill out guys, she said it would be up in a few days.

  88. Corsair… “Just chill out guys, she said it would be up in a few days.”

    2 months later… nothin’.

  89. WTF… are you looking at my site??.. am posting it right now!

  90. haha Mama no worries, there’s always one slow one in the bunch (Guess its the guy above you); The rest of us are enjoying your hard endeavor.

    We really appreciate it =)