midnight at the gaping maw

..its complete, i’ll post it on bellystuffed of course when i finish the other one needing to be done, for now though is all here…

[9:08 is page one!]

[4:44 AM .. page two, the plot thickens!]

[7:AM, unfortunately 24 hours later which makes this not entirely a live thread… is page 3!]


Honestly, I dont know why this last batch is taking me so long. Is rather horrifying since i really REALLY need to get it done, perhaps is some sort of law of diminishing returns or one of Zenos paradoxes


and on with page 5, Shasta it should be noted is up to no good….






going in for the last batch, and then its time to color the Snakey story which is allready scanned and ready to go.




2 more pages to go, exactly what you would expect, no surprise ending here!


…i was considering doing more of a ‘goodnight moon’ riff.. but nuuu, will leave it at that.

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  1. first page kicks ass

  2. That color’s looking amazing! Nice neon light effect :D

  3. Cant really wait to see after seeing this.

  4. Yesssss

  5. Wow, i’m in there. A really lovely gift.
    Thanks for the Cameo, Kazul.

  6. yes, this is the stuff, one can tell care and thought went into this pages

  7. Didn’t even see the christy cameo. That’s just awesome.

  8. I’m surprised that dragon isn’t sporting a hard on from so close of contact like that. X3

  9. Page 3 made me laugh so hard at whatcha had me saying, fantastic dialogue, the colouring is beautiful. Loving it! Delighted to be a part of it :3

  10. *Nibbles the ChristyKitsy*

    Also, great work, MB. I noticed the timeframes you’re creating these in, though! You should get some sleep or something!

  11. No, I think she should keep drawing. Take some caffeine pills if needed.

  12. I’m confused with some of the comics in are some characters digested while others just pass through?

  13. i dunno… i’m a bit… preoccupied with the way my dialogue was… it seemed like my character is being portrayed as a super hyper fanboi…

  14. I don’t think it’s that bad. Lots of people are like that (or worse) when they meet their favorite celebrities.

  15. this is the last commission right? or is there one more still?

  16. i just have to finish up the color on the other one… am pencilling up the other ten pages of this one now.

  17. Sooooooooo when do you think this comic will be finished? >

  18. there´s no way you can expect us to believe you have been at work on this all day this week, and you re only coloring these no? I could do the color on this pages in one day with your style of rendering…It´s okay..It´s not like I´m paying for weekly content…oh wait..

  19. Oh, how grand it must be, to hide one’s self with anonymity.
    However, the face that you’ve shown, likely very different if your identity were known.
    You taunt and you gripe, discouraging words do you type.
    In the end, though, no talent can you show, for instead of honing your skills, you choose to troll someone for thrills.
    Post your own work, you terrible jerk, else pay as you might, you’ll still lose this fight.
    You’re a no talent hack, who compensates for what they lack, by taking pride in their attack of a person with a large load on their back.
    So keep this in mind, you insensitive prick, your awful words make us all sick.
    And for everything negative you have to yell, there’s someone like me to say “You can go to hell”.

    -Ode to Anonymous

  20. Well done Raena, very well done.

  21. There he goes again…

  22. Oh, Reiku. Haven’t you seen enough movies to know that the ‘Okay, you can have a taste, but that’s it!’ plan never works?

  23. Aww no black dragon cock and balls X3

  24. I must say that I was looking forward to seeing that big black dick. Oh well. Still great work! Keep it up mamab!

  25. Sooooooo excited to see the rest of this!!

  26. yay! big black dragon balls!

  27. When do you think the other story will be finished?