i could..

… say something… but it would be met with great suspicion at the moment so i’ll just leave this here, plz stay tuned’

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  1. u got this mamab

  2. I will be happy if I see the gryphom butt TF!! But u got this mama!!

  3. If you are able to pull yourself together, then all the more power to you.

  4. Looking at middle frame, your line work and shading have progressed. Your early finished works look like early current rough draft of yours.

  5. I meant to say that your finished work from your early years, pre-2007, would look like a rough draft, to us now.

  6. I can’t say skepticism would be unwarranted at this point. Still, I want to believe. :)

  7. Worrying about comments will only effect your work. Just do what you can to get into the right mood for drawing.

  8. Just hoping that giganta 2 isnt dead :-(

  9. Love that hungry/aroused Shasta face! w>)

  10. (Though really, is there any difference between the two, with her? >X3)

  11. Oooooo!

  12. You don’t need to give any excuses. Just communicate and show your WIP stuff on a weekly basis, and people will be content.

  13. Glad to see you back! Take as much time as you need to work things out and get back into your groove. Just keep us in the loop! (And don’t let those ignorant comments bring you down!)

  14. Lmao no giganta 2

  15. Mamabliss I respect you but you should update more. Maybe even start a patreon or something.

  16. Don’t believe her lies….

  17. @15 lol

  18. Much like the MSM the more you post the less people believe what you say.

    Try posting your art consistently first without making excuses. if you succeed at that for a few years then people will believe you when you say something.

  19. @ Padpaw I agree. She needs to put money, where her mouth is.

  20. Still no actual update!

  21. HA HA HA!

  22. I don’t want to be an ass but this cycle has been going on for a decade without change. It long gotten old.

  23. It’s a real shame. You’re easily one of my top ten fetish artists, but you have this awful tendemcy to either put too much on your plate, or work on other projects for months without so much as an update for your patreon supporters. Just delivering more consistent updates would go a long way to alleviate some of the animosity here.

  24. there’s still that same old donkey ass on the front page. Been there for the past 5 months…

  25. still there…

  26. I think that has been there since the end of july

  27. that’s a lotta time. I wonder if it will still be there on this years july.

  28. I still miss that 40 days of tf, we only managed to get through 4-5 of the 40 comics. At this rate if will take 40 years.

    Started december 2016.

  29. What’s truly sad about that, is that we won’t get any other type if genre, until the Transformation comics are done, like Giant/Giantess.

  30. @ Padpaw It will take ten years. Don’t exaggerate.

  31. @30 You say ten years as though it’s not a lot of time.

  32. How many people are actually subscribed to Mamabliss, even though she hasn’t updated the Wild’ in months!?

  33. it’s weird, people are still paying into the patreon unless of course it’s a bunch of fake accounts designed to make the patreon look popular.

    Of course there would be no way to tell if such a thing were happening here.

  34. @ Incognito I was hoping someone would point out the the irony of my statement to everybody here. I mean this sincerely, not sarcastically.

  35. It’s almost like MB is in the construction business, delays keep pushing back due dates.

  36. any updates on the ass time comic “bad habits” you posted on back in October?

  37. My frustration has grown to the point that I’m gonna just learn how to draw and make this sort of content for myself. V;

  38. Most of the outrage would cease if she would just communicate. Many believe she is just incompetent, but in reality she’s doing outside projects.

    Otherwise put this site to bed. If she has too big a load then she needs to left something go.

  39. @Incognito Padpaw and I asked how much free time per week, she allows for her porn work, and how much time (on average), it takes her to produce a colored page. She responded several times, but never gave us a concrete answer for both questions. She knew if she did, her commissioners would hold her accountable for deadlines. Take from that, what you will. She may not incompetent, but… she may be a scammer. :/ I hope that she’s not a scammer, because I love her work, but every time I think she’s coming back into form, she takes on ten commissions, disappears for a month, produces one complete commission, accepts five more commisions, disappears for two weeks, completes a commission, and then repeats the cycle. …and I’m being generous, with my estimate of her work cycle, because she hasn’t posted any completed commissions, for the past two months.

  40. Another month without updates has passed…..We are closing on the one year without updates mark.