having another go at it..

…am gearing up to have another go at things in a day or two.. stay tuned..

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  1. Good Luck!

  2. See you in two months!

  3. should have stayed dead

  4. Good luck. But I think for your sake you should permanately disable comments and just leave comment communication as a patreon thing.

    Most of it isn’t constructive at this point. You know you have faults. You’ve heard suggestions/solutions. And the you’ve heard the same insults. Don’t punish yourself.

  5. You said that months ago.

  6. Here’s hoping for more giganta !

  7. Glad to hear from you again
    I’m craving for some Nun Butts

  8. Ahahahahahahahaha…jokes

  9. Disable comment section for your own good.
    Also, you lie more than Todd Howard.

  10. good luck

  11. Hey i hope you’re okay…

  12. just get my commission finished please

  13. “Day or two”…lol. Fuck you.

  14. Glad to hear something from you again. Hope things go well.

  15. it’s good to hear from you again! I hope everything is going well with you irl, i’m a long time lurker, but I just wanted to say that I really love your art!

  16. I’m just glad you’re okay. Too many people in this fetish kill themselves…

  17. …I thought you were dead.

  18. I just wish I could jerk off to commenters complaining.
    Cause you bitches whine like you got something to prove.

    Take your time and do it right

  19. @18 There’s “taking your time” and there’s being ridiculous. Some have been waiting months, even years.

  20. Okay if you waited a year then you are bad at business decisions. you don’t go to a mcdonalds and wait a year for a big mac. You shouldn’t need to wait a year for some smut.

  21. I hear they stop serving breakfast at 10:30. What kind of shit is that?!

  22. @20 I,ts not the customers fault if he pays for item and the artist wont deliver…

  23. @20 I never said commissioned her for anything. I’m just stating what I’ve heard over the years.

  24. It’s been a week already…

  25. Ignore the haters, longtime fan in the shadows, always hope to see some new stuff and especially love your m/f stuff especially especially the CV

  26. Still gearing up?

  27. > “Having another go at it..”
    > Post nothing

  28. when bad behaviour is rewarded that provides incentive to continue said behaviour and never learn from it

  29. She’s dead again

  30. How much is it going to coat to finish giganta 2?

  31. Cost

  32. Ditto

  33. Yeah last update to ANewGoddess was in August which was 6 months ago, just saying…

  34. This is typical at this point. Say the pages are coming then nada. Mamabliss has been doing this for years. Though the excuses change over the years.

  35. Next time you give us an update, you really should ACTUALLY POST SOME CONTENT and not give us a vague explanation about something something possibly maybe/maybe not being made at some point in the unforeseen future ect. And then disappearing….and the doing the same explanation thing all over again.

  36. Mamabliss has been making the same excuses for 6 years at this point people should just write them off and give up.

    Mamabliss profits from taking advantage of people. Shame most seem willing to be taken advantage of.

  37. Six years? More like eight or more.

  38. The decade-long cycle continues.

  39. Just check for amusement on the giantess one, so last update mention 8/9/2017 so 6 months half a year. really? can’t even manage a page a month? for real?

  40. Perfection takes time. Lots and lots of time. lol

  41. Michaelangelo worked 4 years on the Sistine Chapel. It will take that long to finish Giganta Vol. 2. Equal quality works, no?

  42. Sistine Chapel + Giganta 2 = Same ballpark.

  43. EXACTLY!!! LOL

  44. And we pay monthly subscriptions…. for a one possible update in every six months?

  45. I’m seriously surprised none of you seem to know she’s been working on commissions this whole time. Check e621 or e-hentai. That’s the shitty thing about money, it talks, and I’m willing to bet the folks she IS doing art for are paying a fuck-ton more than the Patreon pittance.

  46. It would be nice if people got an actual explanation of what’s going on, since being kept in the dark doesn’t seem to make the fans very happy… Also maybe the Patreon would be more profitable if Mama stuck to her original plan of releasing semi-daily content with a heavy dose of user interaction.

    But I get that most people who visit this site have probably never paid for Mama’s content and she simply doesn’t want to cater to this section of her fanbase, which is totally understandable, because you gotta do work that helps pay your bills.

    I just wish Mama would suspend the Patreon if it’s not working out for her anymore. As it is now, she’s still getting money from some people for work she is not delivering, and this has been going on for over a year. I honestly think these pages are never going to get major updates again, and Mama will quietly ghost everyone here while she moves on to other stuff.

  47. Exactly. The lack of communication and the fact that the Patreons are open, even though they’re a money-pitt, leaves a sour taste in every fan’s mouth. It’s like we don’t exsist to her. If she’s moved on and doing other things, I wish she would tell us, instead of us wondering if today, she’ll update anything on her websites or Patreons.
    It’s one thing to move onto a different stream of revenue, it’s another, to have two streams of revenue, and only focus on one stream of it. You lose out.

  48. @#45: berrywhite: When I type “Mamabliss” in the search field on e621 or e-hentai, I don’t see a lot of new work…

  49. Hanonymous: You don’t see ‘a lot’. Lol, Xmas cheer is how many pages? Also, you’re only seeing what folks publish and can be ripped from pay sites.

  50. I made certain to buy at at least once before I felt entitled to criticize how mamabliss does things.

    Felt it would be rather silly to complain about getting something for free slowly.

  51. @50 Same here.

  52. That’s why I don’t complain. I basically found out when I discovered this place that the wait would not be worth the investment.

  53. Mamas actions don’t really encourage support and customer loyalty, so no wonder people stop paying her and just seek the stolen content from internet. A shame,but she brought this upon herself.

  54. will we get a full month without updates?
    stay tuned!