but first.. [birthday comic in progress pg2]

…its another ’sleepybun’ birthday comic for cookie kitty who’s birthday is tomorrow… must get it done immediately!

[UPDATE] annd pg 2!


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  1. I like how most people are waiting for Giganta and it’s always the one released the last.

  2. I like how most people waiting for giganta imagine themselves to be “most people” instead of a minority.

  3. I like how people are waiting.

  4. Don’t worry about it, when you don’t make tomorrow you can just save it for next year! :D

  5. @ Evil Mangalore lol

  6. Autocorrect… Makes fools out of us all…

  7. So you’ll rush a comic for a birthday, but fuck all the people that have been waiting for years on their commissions?

  8. @ 7

    Yeah.. :/

  9. so wait… the stuff people paid for is on hold so you can get a gift to a friend… you are a remarkably terrible business person. Yet people give you money so you must be doing something right.

  10. @9. No Anon, people are just remarkably stupid. :D

  11. @10 I’d like to hope for the better of people. It’s a shame that someone like mamabliss needs a humbling like near poverty or something drastic to realize this is not how you treat your financially supportive audience base.

  12. Out of my way, moralfags!

  13. I was on over at GBS and I noticed they are interested in contributing writers to sell them fart filled scripts. They seem to do furry stuff but I saw human stuff in their gallery too. For more information please click here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/25299436/

  14. I just got up from my nap, and I fail to see why people are nagging on mamabliss. In the time that I fell asleep, till the time I woke up, she’s created a TON of work. I’m glad I subscribed to her. Best. Subsription. Ever.

  15. she’s a bitch sadly she has fans that are trump and his supporters level stupid and are racist assholes

  16. @ 15 Issues with mamabliss, are totally separate from political issues… Don’t make this political.

  17. Thinking #15 spends to much time on the internet.

  18. Still nothing on Wild!?

  19. @15 Easy to tell who the leftist cuck is, LUL

  20. 19 go fuck yourself nazi bastard die and go to hell shithead!!! fucking scumbag

  21. If you are just going to post anonymously it only looks like 1 guy fighting with himself.

  22. @19 Yeah, because the Right tottaly isn’t a clown show.

  23. If you’re trying to piss people off, atleast do it with style while making a profit on the side. Like me running this site!

  24. Do you suppose mamabliss ever got it done for their friend, or just ended up bailing on them like they have to everyone else.

  25. I don’t think Mama even has friends.

  26. with her bullshit attitude towards her fans and inability to meet time deadlines on commissions not anymore she don’t lol

  27. STILL nothing on ‘WILD!?

  28. You ain’t gonna get christmas presents from me.

  29. Wooo 7 more years of God Emperor Trump Fam!

  30. Merry Christmas