I return… [updating]

.. to the land of the living, Am working on finishing up the color on this ‘lucy’ froggy girl comic, am on page 4 of 9, am rather pleased with how its been coming out..


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  1. Oh finally, but I’m still holding out on this being something you’ll keep up with. Feel free to prove us wrong.

  2. I also find it hard to believe that over the course of over a month, all you’ve managed to finish up were four whole pages of just one of your listed projects. Are you sticking with one at a time, or hopping back and forth between them? If you’re skipping, it might be to your benefit to get your priorities in order and crank them out one at a time. A single cake is better than five muffins.

  3. I’m still waiting

  4. hello to all of you to!

  5. I just weating for the gryphon butt tf!! Is coming too??XD I can’t waiting for it!!

  6. yup

  7. @5 Oh you most certainly can wait… in fact, you WILL wait.

  8. Yay a return!

  9. there will eventually be a magical christmas land where Mama will get out commissions done

  10. Yay she lives ❤️ Missed you! Keep up the good work hun.

  11. @8 You sound like this hasn’t happened MANY before.

  12. Shasta needs booze?

  13. Those colors do look nice.

  14. Best not to use words like how pleased you are with yourself that likes pouring a tanker’s worth of gas on a fire.

  15. hurry up and get these commission comics doe especialy the zootopia vore comic and update the shasta comic after all commissions are done sheesh and check your website for viruses people say u have bugs on your site your website needs to be looked over and fixed if it has viruses on it and updated please do that stop ignoring your fans

  16. am pretty sure am clear of the wordpress virus stuff…

  17. just for info as his, I order a comic, in 2015, I only have 3 pages and is not finished