one more day…

..and i should be back to work..

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  1. Except not really. HA HA HA!

  2. Wow, why do you repeatedly do this?
    It’s like a sociopath, like no sense of consciousness as at all.

  3. I still love you :) The only thing I want for christmas is more giganta and harley.

  4. #2 Calling someone a sociopath in this community rarely is an insult. Most of us get turned on by turning people into beasts for crying out loud.

  5. I’ll believe it when I see it. No faith in your work ethic, MB.

  6. @ 1 Curse you, evil Mamabliss!!!

  7. Will you ever finish giganta 2?

  8. Ill pay money

  9. Sorry. These past few days I’ve been really busy snorting the coke that I bought with the money I got from not giving you blueballed peasants stuff to fap to.

  10. I dont understand how you can all be so shitty to someone whose work you claim to love so much. Sure, we need some updates, but christ the way you people talk to her….


  12. well…who didn’t see this coming?..

  13. Around december last year i supposed it would take 4 years for the 40 days of TF to be finished. So it is not all that unexpected.

  14. more like “40 Years of TF.”

  15. a week later comes the mambliss traditional “Ok, that was bad but I’m back with…” -

  16. Still love you get what needs done in life out of the way first the internet can always wait. Hope ur feeling better.


  18. Empty words, false promises.

  19. Hang in there, MamaB!

  20. f off marty stupid sycophant she’s a bitch get that through your retard head she’s a liar

  21. These schedule failures are so commonplace, that rarely anyone has any symphaty left for Mamabliss. And i’m not surprised.


  23. @badreality- you’re on a roll! :D

  24. “Back to work” not “posting work”.

  25. so glad i pulled out of new goddess. another shit show for suckers.

  26. @23 Thanks. ☺

  27. Should have gone with this one badreality. It’d save you a couple of days of effort:

  28. @27 Thanks.

  29. MB staying on course for one update every two months. Gotta love it.


  31. we don’t want to know when you get back to work. we want to know when you update your homepage.


  33. Let’s be honest. none of us expected mamabliss to hold to her word. She never does, we just hope they will learn their lesson without ever expecting them to.

    I do feel sorry for anyone that got suckered into paying for her patreon.

  34. give me more money! I need it to better do nothing!

  35. It sucks cause I run a patreon and wish to make a living off my work and sadly it’s not coming to fruition meanwhile it feels like MB is getting hand outs for nothing.

  36. 35, the reason that every one of us is still here is because Mamabliss is just that good at drawing fetish art and comics.

    Please don’t try to say you’re on the same level. If you were then people would want to pay you.

  37. 9 days later…

  38. If you could live without me, you would have left already. But I fulfill a very perverted spot in your life that no one else can replace, so here you are…

  39. #39: QFT! I think I like evil mama better. She tells you straight, no BS. LOL! :D

  40. @ 39 I know, right!?

  41. Mamabliss do a comic about the story cities in the cellar you can us giganta

  42. Yeah giganta would be good for that story

  43. Did someone say cities in the cellar, ill fund that in a heart beat

  44. @36 if i was this good at art I would probably get a real job where I would have a steady line of work without worry of being arrested for drawing things considered illegal in some countries.

    Whereas in the porn industry my income depends on how depraved people are.

  45. i’m sorry, but I cannot hear you over the sound of me making money with my unreal job of gathering to the needs of my merry band of perverts, who will gladly eat the shit out of my ass just to get an update couple of times a year. I’m living the dream here!

  46. If by “back to work” you meant “sitting on my ass doing nothing”, you hit the nail right on the head MB!

  47. This is why i quit paying this site 2 years ago

  48. Damn right I did.

  49. @38

    If you mean making lsd colored fetish comics that no one can read you are correct lol.

  50. That’s what I said.

  51. rip

  52. She’ll have 22 pages of anewgoddess in one more day … LOL

  53. No. I said one page of anewgoddess in 22 days.

  54. @ 54 That’s still a better pace, than your counterpart.

  55. And I’m supposed to be the evil one?…


  57. @ 56 lol Beat me to the punch!

  58. I don’t think mamabliss is going to update during this year.

  59. Maybe she is sick or die who knows

  60. Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes. It’s awful. Let’s go.
    “We can’t.”
    Why not?
    “We’re waiting for MamaB. “

  61. The odd thing is people that have commissioned mamabliss have been posting the art they get on furrafinity.

    within the last few weeks, so the art is being made just not getting posted here by mamabliss.

  62. Pawpaw beat me to it. I was just going to say that I’ve seen works by Mamabliss being posted at other points on the internet; so she is definitely working, how hard I don’t know. Maybe this will explain why she is constantly falling by the wayside on her own sites.

  63. 62 was me.

  64. However, this just proves my earlier points. She’s overloading her plate. She has too many people to please, too many promises and she’s only one person.

  65. Aaaand it’s December!

  66. who has the zootopia vore comic post it if u can find it we all no mama bliss wont :{

  67. @64 Not much of an excuse anymore…she owes me from nearly 3 years now

  68. @67 h
    Hah, three years, some have been waiting for a decade. However you’re right, it’s not an excuse, nor was I trying to defend her. I was just trying to offer some perspective.

  69. It is clear that Mamabliss has a devoted and passionate following. The last thing we want is for the work to stop completely. If our goal is to encourage frequency, then I wish there was a way to find out how we can help make that happen.


  71. What’s truly the real kicker, is that when mamabliss fails to make a deadline that SHE’s made, she will sometimes state that she purposely doesn’t read the comments section. I don’t know if it’s because she feels ashamed, or what, but in the past people have given her good advice during these times, but because reading the comments section, is a “downer”, she never reads OR acknowledges ANY advice written here.
    @ 64 Incognito E-mail her your advice. Anything posted here, is thrown the “cold shoulder”.