Signs of life…

oookaaay, am back. I have a number of projects about ready for release… a lucy [froggy girl] epilogue, a doggy girl [nast-ay] TF, an ass time comic [nuns] .. no wait, two ass time stories, or actually three. One of them involves duck girls and a zootopia vore comic [judys sisters get nommed… will keep y’all updated on progress.


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  1. Excellent!! And the gryphon ass tf??

  2. yes, that one to’

  3. 3 Stories involving Ass time? My heart can’t take it!

    You’re the only artist I’ve seen that can make stories like that so well.
    The characters’ look, the angles, and the depiction of domination are perfect.

    I’ll be waiting patiently for their release.

  4. And where can we find these comics?

  5. Any updates for goddess?

  6. *burp* Look Morty, I turned myself into a fraud!


  7. Anonymous 6 is just as whiny and pathetic as Jerry.

  8. @7 To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty..

  9. goneallwild still has a trojan virus on the website. or it’s a new one if you got rid of the first one reported several weeks ago.

  10. Mmm. A computer virus with our porn… Would it be called a P.T.D.?

  11. When can the community expect updates?

    not to be rude many appreciate the work you do, but there is a bit of staleness to “reasons” popping up for why there aren’t updates. The “status” reports sort of feel hallow with the whole going radio silent for extended periods of time.

    I know you’ll have your defenders, but I think I get why the are so adamant, it’s because they are afraid you’ll stop producing content and that puts fear in them because they can’t get their fix then.

    You have a niche market here, and if you stop then it’s harder to find the substance you produce. Basically you got addicts and you make the best meth in town and people will eat each other to get said meth.

    I just hope you’ll update in a timely manner and invest in community communication.


  13. @11 So… MamaBliss is a Heisenberg of drawing pornography?

  14. aogami on inbunny or arania works better if people need a fix

  15. @ Padpaw Thank you, for the recommendations.

  16. #14

    too much gay but tx.

  17. anyone seeing a virus alert on wild at the moment? is coming up clean for me.

  18. Had a virus warning on Shasta JS:Miner-E[Trj}

  19. @17 Goneallwild is clean not sure about Shasta or Goddess

  20. Shasta and Goddess both have a virus.

  21. when can we expect to see updates? also can someone explain the virus talk?

  22. wordpress has gotten some nasty vulnerabilities lately it seems. this installation is so old its fine but my other ones got virussed up. I replaced a bunch of files and installed wordfence which seems to be effective.. sucuri and such show them as clean.

  23. Ok so that explains the virus deal, now update table?
    can we get some sort of frame of time.

  24. Exciting! Your art sure is amazing. n.=.n

    I think the list of artists whose personal website(s) and/or blog(s) I would regularly visit to keep up with is quite short, but you’re the only one I actually do it for~ :3

  25. One further suggestion then, if you do for whatever reason have to delay again, best not to turn off the comments as that has the effect of sending people elsewhere with their negative comments.

    Keeping them here would be quite desireable for you when they need to let off steam. Rather than scattered to the 4 winds of forums.

  26. We keep giving advice to help… why? Lets be honest most of the diehards will take the excuses and every 3 months or so mamabliss will toss a crumb for people to enjoy. I think we can all agree we don’t expect a full comic a month, even though that’s what gray blue studios can seem to do, but we would at least like to not have the constant run around.

  27. [edit: spawn evil lil mustache] You will take what I give, when i give it and be happy about it. Got it? [edit complete]

  28. @27 You’re an imposter, Mamabliss hasn’t got the initial in her name capitalized you sad sack of donkey shit.

  29. I am a Canadian, it’s in my nature to offer support and try to ease conflicts :p

  30. ooh noooo…. is my evil twin… hang on lemme fix that..

  31. Curses! My evil plot has been ruined, but atleast I know got this awesome mustache…and this sack of donkey shit.

  32. Drawing porn doesn’t pay well, and the lifestyle forces you to stay sedentary and worry a lot.
    Given this, I’m guessing Ms. Bliss is probably approaching the health of late-stage H.P. Lovecraft. That’s probably “what’s up”.

  33. :busts door down: Did somebody say Donkey Shit?!

  34. @6 & @7 : LOL! :D

  35. Can we please get some updates?
    frankly i think we’d all agree we’d rather see a process of updates like, sketches, inks, colors, final product rather than awol and inactive for MONTHS at a time.

  36. Today 4 month without an update on wild…

  37. @35. The only way to solve this is to starve the beast. Can’t wait until the gravy train quits rolling in and MamaB stops yanking everyone around.

  38. For fucks sake! Update already!

  39. @37, no one is gonna “starve the beast” mamabliss makes porn, people are too desperate for what she specifically makes. Again it’s like meth heads. She makes a specific brew and people are desperate to have at it and they are scared if they don’t pay they lose the brew entirely.

  40. @39 If a junkie can’t get their fix they go to another dealer though even if the art is shittier or it costs more.

  41. #38 forgot to change their name after trying to troll Mamabliss lol

  42. Well you know… #38 is mamabliss’ evil twin, so it makes sense for them to complain and cuss.

  43. Comments are closed on I hope the project isn’t abandoned Was really liking where it was going.

  44. @43

    I hope he closes a new goddess and shasta needs booze.
    If growth and shrinking is your thing just enlarge a picture with a before and after pic. Wish I had a cheap fetish like that.

  45. Mamabliss is ded…confirmed

  46. So time for me to take over, eh?