two things…

..i have [pretty much drawn up] a silly little equine TF involving a certain bun getting more then he bargained for…


..and ‘bad habits’ ..a 10 page comic involving a nun shrinking a youth and placing him in her rear… it’s the return of the ‘ass time’ series.


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  1. Good to see you still getting things done.

  2. Excellent!! And the others tf?? Like the hypogriph??

  3. soo where are they being posted again?

    My Prayers have been answered!
    I haven’t been able to find anything better on the internet than that series of comics

  5. sooo. updates?
    what r we lookin at?

  6. Wanted to warn you Mama. Antivirus picks up a Coinhive virus when going on the goneallwild page since 2 days ago or so.

    EDIT/REPLY:ugh, wordpress virus stuff, have cleansed it but will need to keep an eye on all my sites. -mamab

  7. D: Thank you for the warning!

  8. I meant it as satire when I suggested it would take you 4 years to complete your 40 days of TF, not a guideline.

  9. 3 (!!!) months without an update on wild. Thats so sad. :(

  10. @Hawk

    seems to be the average.

  11. When you post to ‘Wild, mama?

  12. The only thing that seems to be on average are the excuses that always follow the long gaps of no productivity

    To anyone that disagrees with me, bear in mind several of us have tried to help mamabliss with the serious problems they seem to be having with multiple suggestions that would help fix their overpromising, under/never deliver,to no avail.

    In the words of my parents, mamabliss is choosing to repeat the same mistakes and constantly fail. despite people trying to help them fix the problem, they refuse to accept any help, or even acknowledge there is a problem at all.

    keep that in mind when you go to criticize my negativity.

  13. Do your fucking work!

  14. why, why id mine taking so long?

  15. One eternity later…


  17. You can’t really have faith in Mamabliss to deliver, given the track record. We are all here for smut and happy to to support the NSFW content, but when the proprietor of said content circle jerks the audience around, its understanding not to be so blind to follow like a moron.

  18. good new mamab a new goddess is down to 53 dollars.

  19. @#19 : Is that really surprising though. Last update was 3 months ago…