work in progress….

.. am back! I have a number of transformation projects in the works here I am getting to work on. Will be posting pages here as i go and then start some shasta and giganta as soon as i get some arts updating on wild’ …stay tuned to this location for updates…

First up a scan of pg one of ’sarahs cearphyn corruption’ …

UPDATE: and here’s pg 6 of another lucy froggy girl comic, this one a epilogue to that last ’swimming with the faculty’ story.

UPDATE: and heres pg 3 of the gryphon butt comic.. gotta be quick to catch it all!

UPDATE: and also page 4′

UPDATE 9/20:while i’m at it here’s page 1 of ‘the milker’ a fun lil cowgirl TF…

UPDATE 9/21:and… just to confuse things here’s the first page of a ‘millie the soda kitty’ comic..

UPDATE: and another gryphon butt page scanned.. butts and dicks.

UPDATE:and another lucy page..

UPDATE 9/22:final page of lucy [9], working up page 8 now..

UPDATE:and pg 8.. the froggy shot’

UPDATE: on to page 7 of gryphon butts…

UPDATE: and final page.. still need 8 and 9′


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  1. How is Going the griphon butt tf??

  2. There Is a horse tf project coming??

  3. Where does it say anything about a horse tf?

    Excited about this cowgirl one! Guess I missed the other previews?

  4. How would all of you feel about cannibal stuff?

  5. @4 Not into it

  6. not a usefull conversation to be having in the comment thread of this website…

  7. @4 i feel like you should stay in the queue until

  8. Good progress Mama!