I return… with butts

Yes that was super bad, went on way longer then a figured… am back and working up a gryphon butt TF comic though…


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  1. Good!! I hope we can read it quickly

  2. @1 Hahahaha! We won’t ;)

  3. I thing we can watch it in two or three month XD

  4. I would like to see just one update per week, In order to know if mama still working with this TF, because I love this idea

  5. Awww, no prego stuffs in honor of Labor Day. But TF is TF – should be fun.

  6. ooop. Lol, wrong holiday, I dumb (or drunk).

  7. … or is it?

  8. I’m so excited for this!! I love mama tf butt!! Like horses or donkydonkeys!! And this time is a gryphon!! So excited!!

  9. Someday MB will say something and mean it. :\

  10. Looks like this jumped ahead of mine…..Whooooooo!

  11. @8 Im so exited too!! I check the page all the time, but is impossible that mama post the tf in a week XD

  12. @11
    You’re right.

  13. i return!!!

    heres 3 pages

    i return!

    one page posted!


  14. I’m on vacation for two weeks. Please, don’t post any updates during this time… Thx. :D

  15. I think you are covered for that Hawk

  16. Is anyone else not seeing any images @13?

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