I return… with butts

Yes that was super bad, went on way longer then a figured… am back and working up a gryphon butt TF comic though…


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  1. Good!! I hope we can read it quickly

  2. @1 Hahahaha! We won’t ;)

  3. I thing we can watch it in two or three month XD

  4. I would like to see just one update per week, In order to know if mama still working with this TF, because I love this idea

  5. Awww, no prego stuffs in honor of Labor Day. But TF is TF – should be fun.

  6. ooop. Lol, wrong holiday, I dumb (or drunk).

  7. … or is it?

  8. I’m so excited for this!! I love mama tf butt!! Like horses or donkydonkeys!! And this time is a gryphon!! So excited!!

  9. Someday MB will say something and mean it. :\

  10. Looks like this jumped ahead of mine…..Whooooooo!

  11. @8 Im so exited too!! I check the page all the time, but is impossible that mama post the tf in a week XD

  12. @11
    You’re right.

  13. i return!!!

    heres 3 pages

    i return!

    one page posted!


  14. I’m on vacation for two weeks. Please, don’t post any updates during this time… Thx. :D

  15. I think you are covered for that Hawk

  16. Is anyone else not seeing any images @13?

  17. @16, You have to be one of the single dumbest humans to have ever lived, do you truly believe that was mamabliss?

    If you said yes, then you have the IQ of a pile of horse shit.