feeling the pressure…

..a couple of pages posted on shasta and goddess… a bunch of TF comics in the work, am not done with the art thing just yet…


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  1. Whining incoming in 3… 2… 1…

  2. I’m curious as to if DH has gone through with his lawsuit. His time-limit, has been exceeded.

  3. Actually the deadline is tomorrow at midnight but mama b has made great progress so it looks like mama b will make it on time

  4. So has DH done it, has he ruined it for the rest of us and taken MB to court, thus preventing anyone else from ever getting their commissions finished?
    I wonder how many people will be pissed off knowing that he has prevented them from getting the art they paid for.

  5. Yeah, because everyone’s commissions were juuust about to be completed before that >_>.

  6. blaming the victim almost makes me think you are just trying to deflect attention from the root of the problem darkflame.

    I cannot imagine anyone choosing to defend this sort of thing unless they have a personal stake in it not being fixed.

    How on earth would holding mamabliss to be accountable for what they are paid to do be such a horrible thing? it would mean more people’s work would get done faster, because further putting it off as much as possible would no longer be an option otherwise more people may try to get what they paid for through the courts.

  7. @DH

    How exactly does that work? you gonna file a case against a person because he didn’t complete your “hentai” art on time?

    Judge Judy: Mister DH please explain to me what kind of art MamaBLiss didn’t make for you.

    DH: Hur… I wanted to have an adult cartoon sequence of a busty girl turning into a frog…

    Judge Judy: Officer take this person to the nearest mental institution.

  8. Lets ignore the “necessity” or (lack thereof of) for DH suing Mamabliss for an overdue commission and instead analyze the feasibility of such a proposal.

    What is the most expensive commission ever asked of Mamabliss? Like $2000 or something? Lets round it up to $5000 just for argumentation. That will still be considerably less then the law-fees and periphery expenditures necessary to take this to court. Taking this to court will also face the social repercussions and shame of taking legal action of paying (relatively little) for a porn comic. So unless DH has a lawyer on retainer, or is a lawyer his/herself with too little real work to do and a nasty revenge complex, and absolutely no sense of public shame, the actual probability of DH successfully suing Mamabliss is incredibly low. Even if DH has a lawyer on retainer or is one him/her-self the probability of this being taken to court is still approaching zero; most likely in such a case DH won’t able to do much more then the occasional scary looking legal document to Mamabliss threatening various actions, and Mamabliss can crumple them up and throw them away thereby creating fewer problems for herself then for DH who will then have to martial time and resources to follow up Mamabliss ignoring all the initial proceedings in any meaningful or effective way.

    So, again ignoring whether or not DH should sue Mamabliss, the probability that DH is just BSing on this thing is closely approaching 100% – it is all but not-possible that it would go all the way through and happen.

    Just saying.

  9. Yeah I sure hope MamaBliss would refund their money though if they are waiting long and request it. There are other transformation artists out there who can deliver in a reasonable time frame if they had to wait for years…

  10. Idk what your talking about mama b got it done on time I haven’t sued because it got done on time

  11. @6 I have seen several artists get threatened to be taken to court when they didn’t complete the art in a ‘reasonable time’ and what happened in those cases, I and several others not only never got the work we paid for, the artist effectively vanished from the net.

    This isn’t about victim blaming, it is about thinking about the consequences of shutting down an artist who has been paid by other people.

  12. DH is clearly a fucking cunt. If Mamabliss was smart, she’ll never do business with this idiot again. Go riddance… fucking faggot.

  13. @DH #10: I am not talking about what you are doing now or this time, I am talking about what you could conceivably do any time.

  14. Yes I understand but ya know I cant say I give a damn about the rest of you guys I should get what I pay without waiting so a million years if she cant do that then to hell with her so kindly fuck off Cischiral

  15. @DH I’m so used to her work being posted publicly, since this hasn’t been posted, is it a private commmision? We thought that she went over her time-limit, because almost all of her work, is posted on her blog, now. Also, whaaat, you don’t want to be a fossil, when your commission is completed?!

  16. So, any updates planned for 2017?

  17. Fucks sake Mama, how hard is even 1 page a week?

  18. Yeah, it was nice to see 2 updates in a row. I guess it’s back to normal now… which is about 2-3 pages every 6 weeks or so…

  19. oh no here comes the crybabies

  20. evidently she has been working really hard lately it just hasn’t been posted here because commissions.

    http://www.furaffinity.net/search/mamabliss sort by date.

  21. Thanks for the tip mama in disguise