arts posted!

..yes, i remain alive and kicking… nice chunk of pages posted on Shasta and Giganta


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  1. Wut! Mamabliss gave use an update?! Time to complain some more.

  2. Glad to see some progress mama! :)

  3. Glad you are back hard at work. looking forward to your next transformation artworks

  4. It’s better if you post one page at a time, rather than chunks of pages all at once. If you posted a page every other day, rather than six pages every two weeks, people will complain less because it will look like you’re actually working on a daily basis.

  5. Two weeks? It’s nearly been two months since the previous update.

  6. thats the end of this months update

  7. @4 : 6 pages every 2 weeks?? It’s more like 3-4 pages every 2 months actually.

  8. Well I have given mama b a deadline which is in 2 weeks and 2 days either the comic is completely finished or a complete refund or I’ll get a lawyer and stuff it’s time to get things moving

  9. @#8 I hope for your sake your commission has nothing in it that either mamabliss’s country of your country classifies as illegal in it.

    Otherwise you will just have to write it off lest you get arrested. Sadly ignorance of a crime is not a valid excuse to avoid getting in trouble.

  10. @9 Indeed.
    8@underage, and rape would be examples.

  11. @8

    Yes, long trials and lawsuits will surely increase work pace instead of taking up even more time. Clearly this is a reasonable action and not at all blowing things out of proportion.

    In case you couldn’t tell, I was being sarcastic.

  12. 10 days later…

  13. 11 days of whining about lack of updates later…

  14. 11 days of waiting for content that people pay for later…

  15. @11 maybe we should ask him how long ago he commissioned and paid for it instead of assuming it is a recent one.

    Some people have said they have been waiting years for what they paid for. If that is the case for them, then yes suing would be a natural action

  16. I agree with Padpaw.

  17. The chance of a lawsuit actually working is pretty slim because as far as I can tell, no contract is ever signed between the two parties stipulating when the commission will be completed.
    Not only that, finding out who MB really is and then prosecuting them without releasing details on the kind of porn they were commissioning for is also going to be next to impossible, especially if it is involves illegal activity.

    If @8 wants a refund they should just contact MB and get their money back, there have been cases like that before.