The Shed [donkey girl TF]

..posted on wild… then a couple of pages i allready have done on shasta and such and maybe then i’ll see whats been piling up in the comment threads here, i’ve been avoiding looking. cant be pretty >_<

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  1. quite simply, people are fed up with your constant excuses

  2. No the comment section is pretty you cowardly bitch! Stop with the excuses already. I given you shit ton of suggestions on how you could the problem.

  3. Ignoring stated problems, will NOT solve them.

  4. @2 Dude, dial it down!

  5. Hanonymous is quickly becoming my favourite guy on this site

  6. I’m pretty sure the only way you’d be guaranteed to get anything done on time is if you were forced at gun point. This is getting ridiculous.

  7. C’mon I know terrorists with more integrity than this bitch! If ISIS says they’re gonna bomb an ice cream shop, they do it. If they says they’re gonna start throwing homos off the roof, they do it. If they says they’re gonna turn little girls into suicide bombers… guess what, they do it! When Mamabliss say she’s gonna give us an update, SHE DOESN’T DO IT!! Fuck those GTS fags and fuck Giganta, I wan’t my animal human Shasta gore vore poop shit. How long will I have to wait Mamabliss?

  8. losing your cool makes you guys no better than mamabliss imo, try and calm down if you can. if not take some medication, it certainly helps

  9. @8 Agreex.

  10. If that even matters since we’re all anonymous on this forum. But just for the record, not the same Hanonymous as before is posting above.

  11. So you basically lost your temper and now you wan’t to save face by blaming a troll.

  12. is def worth a visit — virtually hairless!

  13. I do wonder though if the reason people are still paying into that patreon after constant failure, is because they are actually mamabliss using fake accounts to make others think she is worth funding.

    same way shady devs use fake accounts to put non existant money into their kickstarter to encourage others to donate.

    I honestly cannot understand why people keep giving her money, if they are. And would love to understand this aspect of human nature.

  14. Dang. I missed page 6. Can you put it back up?

  15. .. those missed pages posted on the comments thread over on wild… as far as the patreon stuff it remains to be seen if i can make up the back-log but since the numbers dropped a bit is quite likely i\’ll be able to keep up with whats there…

  16. Thanks so much, MB.