couple more days…

yes, june is going crappy for me, a couple more days and i’ll be back to posting stuff though… starting with the donkey TF comic…

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  1. fuck, how long does it take to draw a fucking page. should take less than an hour. does she/he even storyboard? wtf is the hold up?

  2. I think you give too much weight to your TF work tbh.

  3. Looking forward to what she has planned for giganta.

  4. Awesome! That comic looks like it will be sweet. Bellystuffed and wild were the best sites and why I subed in the first place. Goddess can go away and shasta isn’t all that great either. I liked the random vore comics, the single character focus is a bit meh.

  5. TF stuff is shit, and every month is a bad month for you.




  7. Hey mamabliss, thanks for stating the obvious.

  8. No offense, but every other month for the last 9 years has been a crappy month for you.

  9. Honestly, reading through these comments I don’t even wonder why Mamabliss takes time to upload new content anymore. I wouldn’t feel like it either seeing as all the comments here are either negative or from people asking that he/she cater to their personal fetishes, and only theirs, while everyone else’s are trash. This site’s content is supposed to be targeted at 18yo+, start acting like it. As for myself, I’ll be patient and enjoy every TF comic I can get, and let people enjoy their vore/giant/etc comics in the meantime :3

  10. @9 some have legitimate reasons, paying customers getting burned on commissions, etc. Those of us that leech her free content should be patient I agree, but Mama does have issues that need addressing.

  11. @9 Another newcomer, I see. You’ll be like us, in three years, if Mama stays the same.

  12. @8 People definitely have their reasons.

  13. 12 was directed at 9.

  14. Don’t listen to the haters Mama. I’ve loved your artwork and have been enjoying it for like ten years.

  15. @10 I can’t talk for commissioners. I do agree that long waiting times can be annoying, although at this point any new commissioner should expect the lengthy wait given the ongoing history. However, is it really necessary to bring this up in harsh public comments rather than a civilized private message?

    @11 Newcomer? I didn’t count the years I’ve been following Mama, but it’s probably well over 5 already.

  16. @11 Valentine, there’s a difference between a “lengthy wait”, and waiting 5 or more years for a commission.

  17. @14@15 Sycophants like you are the reason why crooks like MB can get away with pulling the same stunt for YEARS on end. Everyone with a valid complaint is just a “hater”. Stop thinking with your dicks for once, hold people accountable, and get some damn self respect.

  18. @17

    btw if your words make sense I should became TF, GTS, vore and common furry yiff hater just because MB spent her time while drawing that ussless stuff instead of my “private” fetish art

  19. @17 I thought the reason would be people like you still commissioning, and then dumping hateful messages at everyone under an anonymous name (you know, speaking of self respect) instead of getting a refund and moving on; but okay; I’ll take the blame =P. And I do know that MB has a part of responsibility here; but hostility, on a public forum no less, has never really achieved anything.

  20. @19 That’s where you’re wrong. This blog is MamaBliss’ main interaction with her fans. If potential newcomers read these posts and see that commission wait time is a minimum of three years, they will just for themselvses, if the wait time is worthwhile to them. Mamabliss’ commission prices, are decent, so people can judge for themselves, based on these blog post replies f commissioning her, is right for them. Our collective judgement, is the BBB of Mamabliss open.
    When people read this blog, they will also come upon a couple of posts, by Casper Richter. This man, is laying down money for Mamabliss to take, IF she accepts his commissions, but as he states, she never responds to his emails, or his blog posts. There is essentially “free” money for her to take, but because there is an artificial communication barrier between us, Mamabliss fans, and Mamabliss herself, this money is never taken. …and these blog posts from him, highlight this specific problem, the communication barrier between MB, and her core audience. She’s always resisted telling us what she has been up to, which piece of her work she’s currently working on, or how her well being is.
    Casper Richter’s problem also highlights to any new/current blog readers, that new commissions, may NOT be taken, not because of any specific guidelines, but because of a whim. :/


  22. I’m sorry guys… I need to start proofreading my work again… My thoughts are faster than my typing skills… Tell me, if you don’t get the gist, of my second-to-last comment.

  23. Well I have given Mamabliss a deadline if at least one of the things I’ve had commissioned doesn’t get completely done by then I will demand a refund or I will get a lawyer and let the law handle this I love Mamabliss stuff but I’m tried of this it’s time to get organized and schedule her work

  24. @20 : Not sure I understand your point. Isn’t it a good thing that she doesn’t take new commissions? I mean, I heard she already owes commissions to many people and some have been waiting for years. And her patreon pages like Giganta and Shasta aren’t getting updated nearly as often as they should. The least she can do is stop taking new commissions if she can’t deliver what she already owes.

  25. @24 Yeah, but a normal person would tell the Casper Richter, that commissions are closed, instead of giving him hope that if he/she just tried to get in touch with Mamabliss a little, harder, then MB will take their commission. In fact a normal person would revise their blog from saying that “Commissions are now open.”, to “Commissions are now closed.” …If commissions are truly closed for Mamabliss,why does her main page say that they are still open? If Mamabliss is purposefully not taking new commissions and focusing on her current backlog of work, that is a good thing, but the fact that she still states on her main page that commissions are open, and never communicates either way, with a would-be commissioner, highlights the communication issue, that she has with us, her audience.

  26. annnnnnnnnd…. its been a week….

  27. @19 I’ve never paid Mamabliss 1 cent and I never will; you need to stop projecting. But watching people suck up to her after years of steady disappointment makes my head spin. Stop supporting scam artists.

  28. If it’s this hard for her to keep her promises and stick to a time table maybe she should just cut her losses. Hang it up and call it quits.