like bunnies [rabbit girl TF]

..well that did not go well, finally posting this comic on wild though, gotta be carefull what you do with those magic books…


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  1. Late, but the teaser looks good. I’m eager to see the rest of it. :)

  2. Donkeys please!?!?!?!

  3. @ Anonymous: Don’t be an ass. (Pun intended 😉)

  4. Hi Madambilss. It’s me, Casper Richter again.

    In January, I paid you $ 20 to make a redrawing and coloring vertion of Vicous Circles 29, where the woman packs the boy into the dough :)

    In addition, I have ordered repetition and deletion of Vicous Circles 32-33 and 36 page.

    Hope to hear from you and see them so I can pay you for the rest.

    I’m pretty patient. But now it’s been over half a year.

    And I want to see the repetitions I love so much because I love your art and really like your funny, sexy cannibal style full of humor.

    Pease answers back. Please write back. Please.

    Hope for answers.

  5. @4 New around here, ain’t ya?

  6. @4

    >deletion of Vicous Circles 32-33 and 36 page

    while there are waiting for years for something new… did you say you pay for the delition of the already drawn art? it’s sounds weird even for me…

  7. Lol @4

    you sound entitled

    Try years of waiting after paying. Get in line bud

  8. @4 Did you know there are people who have waited more than a decade for commissions, and are still waiting. If it weren’t for the content being fetish porn, and folks not willing to expose their kinks, MB probably would have been sued.

  9. “More than a decade”? I assumed that it’s common to wait 3-4 years, for a Mamabliss commission, so are you serious about your, or somebody you know’s commission waiting up to, or longer than a decade in Development Hell?! 😬

  10. @Badreality - I Don’t know them personally, but nearly two years ago, on an older post, someone mentioned waiting ALMOST 10 years for an undelivered commission, and little to no communication on said Commission.

    This same guy said he was perfectly fine with essentially being ripped off, and convinced himself that he was funding a kick starter. What ever helps him sleep at night. Might as well scribble sucker on his forehead.

    What’s more, there are a lot of others that share this thought and are willing to turn the other cheek after basically being robbed. I don’t want to best MamaBliss but there it is.

  11. Giganta update?

  12. Well I have a few comics in the wind and if I don’t get some results in the next few months I’ll either want a refund or I may take legal actions idc if it’s porn or not I want results


  14. mama….sup

  15. What kin of apology will we get, this time?

  16. Edit: kind