updating giganta…

..ran out of time so must work up some goddess site pages… first page of the night up!

UPDATE: 2nd page up this morning…

UPDATE: and 3rd this afternoon, now back to work on the bunny girl TF story…

Comments (12) to “updating giganta…”

  1. Liar.

  2. I like the one where she sits on the stadium.

  3. Wasn’t there supposed to be a Bunnygirl TF story like, 7 days ago? >:D

  4. @ 3. Yes there is, you should never believe the time frame mama sets in the blog updates though.

  5. I never actually do. I’m just mocking him/her.

  6. Well, she never said the 24-48 hours would be concurrent. ;)

  7. @6 LOOPHOLES!!!

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIRZ6Lp8eZI

  9. I meant my earlier post to be satire not a guideline.

  10. One millennium later…

  11. @10 We’re all sun bleached skeletons sitting in front of our computers.

  12. jeez wtf mama. its almost mid june