like bunnies [preview]

..workin up a fun lil girl-into-slutty-bunny story… have it up within next 24-48 hours..

UPDATE:ootch, that did not happen, sooo much fail!

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  1. what about the donkey girls? post that one before this one. honestly, im not complaining because its incredibly great to see some consistency to updates but the donkey girls was previewed almost 2 months ago, surely its done by now? hell id take sketches even, color isnt necessary

  2. wow.. this donkey one is gonna have to be the best-es girl into donkey comic ever to live up to the hype…

  3. Bunny! Looks cute, can’t wait! :D

  4. So I cannot help but notice that my question about time frames got ignored yet again by the powers that be.

    So Here is a hypothetical for my own amusement, since repeated queries of accountability are intentionally being ignored.

    The biggest problem seems to be figuring out exactly how much additional time we have to add to the mamabliss time “estimates”.

    If the 40 days of tf averages to 1 comic per month, which would equal roughly 3.5 years to complete at that rate.

    Then we take 3.5 years or 1277 days and divide by 40 (the original target number) we would get the average additional time one would have to apply to whatever time frame is given by mamabliss.

    1 month additional time is the answer.

    Of course this is only supposition, which would be simple to squash, but again considering I have asked mamabliss 4 times now for an average time frame it takes to finish 1 page, yet this simple question gets ignored every time.

  5. @4 Perhaps one bit off more than she can chew? She already has work queued up but she keeps starting new things. She keeps digging that hole ever deeper.

  6. I find it telling that every time I ask mamabliss point blank about accountability she avoids answering my question

  7. PS. Love your art :)

  8. Hi Madambilss. It’s me, Casper Richter again.

    In January, I paid you $ 20 to make a redrawing and coloring vertion of Vicous Circles 29, where the woman packs the boy into the dough :)

    In addition, I have ordered repetition and deletion of Vicous Circles 32-33 and 36 page.

    Hope to hear from you and see them so I can pay you for the rest.

    I’m pretty patient. But now it’s been over half a year.

    And I want to see the repetitions I love so much because I love your art and really like your funny, sexy cannibal style full of humor.

    Pease answers back.

    Hope for answers.

    Casper Richter.