on shasta and goddess.. also working up a girl/rabbit TF,  froggy girl epilogue and something interesting/horrifying involving egg laying… bussy bussy.

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  1. So Shasta is 60+ years old, having been making porn since before 1973? Right…

  2. is remarkably well preserved, possibly having to do with some dealings with elder gods…

  3. screw the frog girl, too many in that series, post the donkey girls

  4. egglaying? you got my interest! I’ve been waiting to resub for eggs, lol.

  5. make husky Tf. Husky are so rare.

  6. That all sounds very promising.

  7. Mamabliss I would really wish to speak with u pls about my comic

  8. She has an e-mail address, listed on the main page of her blog…

  9. I am not D hole btw so don’t confuse us mama

  10. Why is it you always promise more and more stuff when you have yet to even finish what you have already promised months ago?

    You do realize saying you will do stuff only works as a carrot if you actually follow through. Otherwise it comes across as a shallow attempt at misdirection.

  11. I have to ask if your 40 days of TF will continue at the current pace?

    In 6 months you have managed to do 7 out of 40. At this rate it will take another 3 years to go finish. Is this the ideal production pace for you. As it would explain quite a bit.

    Would also be a warning to any would be commissioners they might have to add years to their original time expectations.

  12. One week later…

  13. Same anon as 12, just wanted to add that I your work is still great MB, but you need to be a lot more communicative if you intend to entice people to give you money for the work you do. I’m sure it’s hard to get motivated, or you have X and Y happening in your life, or maybe this isn’t even where you make all your money to live. Giving your audience some hints about that real life and why you don’t meet deadlines you give us, or why you vanish for weeks at a time, would probably help silence the rampant criticism.