currently updating…

..currently updating Shasta and with arts, want to cover the patreon stuff before the 1rst…

UPDATE 4:29: ..nother page on shasta’

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  1. is that because the money gets sent out on the 1st? You want to avoid people pulling out for lack of output.

  2. Wild…..

  3. For crying out loud!

  4. What about this horse girl and donkey comic u mentioned so because there not patreon there not as important is that what I’m hearing

  5. yes, not a situation where i can make everyone happy. this is just a couple of days though.

  6. So are u saying we will be seening the horse and donkey comic soon or in the next three months or in a year cus that seems how all ur stuff goes I’m sorry but that’s just how it all seems to go

  7. I think it’s less making people happy more making people less litigious at this rate.

  8. Lol please let get big booty and pair thighs go with it, from absorbing digesting all that rump thats all asking here.

  9. It’s funny how ANewGoddess went from 250$ at the beginning, and down to 100$ after lack of update. Now, it’s back to 230$ again because of new backers. Still, I don’t see more frequent updates coming…

  10. Yeah, you see that cycle happen with all of MB’s stuff.

  11. I wonder what happened in 2008 that started all this.

  12. That’s the Million Dollar question.

  13. As the big contributer I just hope she gets all the images she commited to out at some point. In a way I’m glad she doesn’t sacrifice quality to get them oit on time.

  14. question, is a scheduale or weekly goal an option here?
    like updates on roughs and wips, before finalized products. What way there is at least proof of no lolligagging on the end.

  15. just wonder how the commission goes, didn’t get your reply…

  16. @14

    MB promises this and that, such as updates and showing WIP stuff, and then always vanishes within a month for weeks at a time, before coming back with several pieces to show. MB works, but at an extremely irregular pace.

    It would simply be best if MB were to say “Hey, I get work done when I feel like it, quit bitching” and stopped trying to lead people on for the Patreon stuff. Honesty above all else.

  17. I just wait until someone posts his work on some forum. Watch it for free. The proper douchebag way. I used to be subscribed back when the updates where somewhat regular, but now… fuck it.

  18. any bets on when they make another re appearance? i give it the end of the month of may.

  19. Do what other artists do to keep on track. Stream yourself working on stuff. People would at least then know that progress was being made.

  20. @19 That’s a good idea.

  21. @19 won’t happen.
    I agree, good idea. But then Mama would need to be responsible and honest and as we’ve seen time and time again mama lies a bit too much about progress or chooses to keep people in the dark. Its easier to say “working on it” and show no evidence. I mean people are clearly donating still right? So Bliss is still making money regardless. So really Bliss has no reason to “prove” anything because people regardless of being upfront and honest, or not, Bliss will still make money.

    Sure Bliss can do it as a sign of good faith. But lets be honest here, greed is the motivator here, so the fact that bliss is making money regardless means no effort will likely be taken on Bliss part.

  22. @19 : Yeah, people have been asking for more transparency over the years and nothing has changed. So don’t set your hopes too high. Nobody knows how many commissions she owns. Now this patreon thing is just another way to get more money. I mean, I like her art, but updates are so slow. I have a feeling even if patreon contributions would be 2 or 3 times more, it wouldn’t necessarily mean more frequent updates…

  23. Gigantic updated.
    Not that some os us would know unless we check the page every day cause we aren’t getting updates here!