the shed [preview]

.. a quick little TF story involving donkeys… what could go wrong??!

Comments (11) to “the shed [preview]”

  1. The world can always do with more boy donkeys! :P

  2. Wait what about the equine girl comic

  3. Yay! Donkeys!

  4. Splendid! We need more GIRL Donkeys!

  5. Hopefully it’s cock TF!

  6. I’m hoping their clits turn into dicks and the alure of the donkeys prooves too much and the more they fuck the more donkeyish they become. Wouldn’t mind a ctf though.

  7. I love donkeys…!

  8. Will there be a passing nod to Disney’s Pinnochio; cause the whole Donkey tranformation thing, is present in the Disney version of the story.

  9. Badreality: while one good turn deserves another, MamaB already did a Pinochio inspired donkey transformation on pleasure island comic proudly hosted in the Gone All Wild archives.

  10. can this be posted, like tomorrow? it doesn’t even have to be colored, those can be added later…

  11. @#10 more a teaser than a preview. No doubt sometime next month mamabliss will come back with some post about how sorry they are, and some excuse. Along with a few more pages to mollify us