update on Goddess…

three pages to wrap up march…

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  1. Any ideas for dates for the next Shasta & wild updates?

  2. Great update!

  3. So will we see this equine girl comic any time soon

  4. Hey Mama Bliss. My name is Casper Richter.

    Back in early January, I paid you 20 dollars to make a redrawing and coloring of one of your previous drawings in the series:
    Vicous Circle Page 29th.

    It’s been over 3 months and I have not heard from you.

    Hope you have not forgotten my order because I would love to buy more if you just want to make this one as a test.

    I am patient Mama Bliss, but I would obviously like to see how a recreation and favelægning of the image will look like.

    Furthermore, I would også order / buy two pictures more from Vicous Circle:
    Namely, Page 33

    and Page 36

    So $ 40 extra for you. Great, right: D?

    Maybe I will book even more and even have an idea or two into a single illustration, I would like to pay you for.

    But so far, I will be very happy and grateful if I kan be allowed two see your redrawn and colored drawing of page 29th
    I will pay for the others.

    Hope you are well and att du vil RESPOND back.
    Good week and all good from here.
    Regards Casper. :)