well that didnt go to well..

..i’ll be posting the rest of the froggy girl comic tomorrow then on with a number of other things…

UPDATE:i have 5 pages more of the froggy one complete… and shasta and goddess pages scanned, will be posting these in the morning after i get some sleep…

UPDATE:pages up on shasta and goddess..

Comments (7) to “well that didnt go to well..”

  1. So I will give you what benefit of the doubt remains and ask again.

    How many days on average does it take you to finish a page?

  2. Annnnddd here comes the flood of complaints…

  3. I don’t mean to be mean or anything but it is tomorrow and I see nothing is there a reason

  4. I knew this would happen! I fucking knew it! That’s it for me. I will not pay anything anymore. I’ll just wait until someone posts mamabiss’s works to some forum and read it there for free. It might take some time, but atleast I’ll not be paying for nothing!

  5. Avoiding my simple question would appear to me that they have no intention of following through. Since if we were given a timeline of the average amount of time it takes, then when mamabliss failed that they would be held accountable instead of the current who knows how long it takes, always an issue happens that disrupts the non existant schedule.

    To anyone that feels I am entitled for voicing an opinion on this, if I had never paid money to mamabliss you would be correct.

  6. false alarm… am posting arts… look at me go!

  7. You’re right, by never answering the question, they avoid, to a large extend, accountability. It’s like a person whom never visits the dentist every six months, if their teeth rot out, they can say that they didn’t know how bad their teeth were because nobody ever told them so; accountability to the “victim” averted.