on we go…

three more pages to go on shasta and goddess.. then back to the TF endeavors. Despite what some people are leaving in comment threads around here i’m quite close to getting something functional going…

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  1. And what exactly is this functional thing that is going

  2. You do realize why there is a “despite” though, right?

  3. current functionality depends on if you like cheetah-lady furry/vore or my GTS work… or not, if you like my transformation arts… not so much.the crucial ellement here is that if i can complete the next couple of pages on those they still be viewed as functional while i focus on the TF\’s for the rest of the month…

  4. You will pardon us if we decide to sit out this song and dance. and not take you at your word.

    As after 8 years this routine has gotten rather stale.

  5. As stale as a surviving American Civil War cracker.

  6. “quite close”, is in your books about 2 months… so yippee…

  7. I hate to be that guy but we’ve heard all this before. You’ve been saying your “nearing functionality” and “getting the hang of it” for nine years now…

  8. “Something functional “, oh you mean; 1/3 of a comic, then a month long pause and then you come back and say: “ok, that was bad, but next time i will surely….”

  9. The last month or so has provided more pages than the last few before it, if somewhat inconsistently, so that’s promising. We can only hope you can keep it up. Best of luck.

  10. It must be so nice to take advantage of other peoples kindness.

  11. sigh… and here comes the waves of complaints. mamabliss just post something when you have work to show so no one has to sit through the comments of bitter butthurt assholes. i miss the trolls.

  12. @11
    You say we’re “butthurt”, but we’re actually jaded. Padpaw’s right, she’s “called wolf” on her artwork progress for eight years now. I bet you just became a fan of Mamabliss’ within the last year (or two). …So naive. :/

  13. It’s time we stop being so forgiving to Mamabliss.

  14. wrong badreality,I’ve been here for several years. long enough to roll my eyes at the near endless crying. at this point i would do anything to hand you a box of tissue for tears.

  15. I think you’re confusing frustration for sadness. We want to see Mamabliss succeed,but she never took any bit of our advice to improve the site or her work-ethic, and every time she posts she’ll be done with artwork soon with no tangible progress, we are frustrated. …You pointed out that last bit, but name calling while making a point, will NOT win you a real argument, let alone let your point come across strongly.

  16. I have to ask then mamabliss, exactly how long does it take you on average to finish a page off? As I am probably operating under misconceptions of how many days it takes per page.

    If you could tell me that would probably ease my irritation if say it turned out to take 4+ days per page instead of the half a day to a day I had assumed.

  17. How mama b works does the roughs of the pages then puts more detail into them works on the word bubbles then it’s the coloring which takes the longest

  18. So far all iv seen is maybe one post a month for a while and u expect people to pay u a lot per month for hardly anything if this is what u do then get your crap into gear and stop wasting peoples money.

  19. Looks like I’m not getting what I paid for

  20. Good progress on Shasta, recently! :O

  21. still nothing here….

  22. As kind as D was to say what he thought the process was I was hoping for mamabliss themself to say what their time frame was per page.

    Something we could use as a template. If that is asking too much, well good luck then.

  23. *Hums Jeopardy theme, giggling insanely.*