how to do comics…

…in particular how to do 100 -200$ patreon funded comics. Patreon has created a prime example of the long tail and most projects will fall in that looooower part. It’s how numbers work. But how to handle that? I’ll be the first to admit i haven’t done very well, along with the rest of my work it’s gotten squeezed and stressed.

What i’ve decided on, having gained a bit of breathing room in which operate, is to front load it for the month. I’m currently updating Shasta and Goddess on a [somewhat] daily basis based on funding divided by a page rate of 20/pg.. plus pages based on any new pledges that show up.

At the moment it [along with some other things] is interfering a bit with my goneallwild’ work but it’s only 5-6 more days to take care of it for the month so it balances out.

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  1. I have avoided posting for a while. As I have not been surprised by the failure of you following through on anything. Would have been a miracle if you had in my opinion.

    Here is some free advice, you should not try to sell anything new until you follow through on the in some cases decade old works that have been paid for in good faith and are as yet still unfinished.

    You will destroy whatever goodwill remains if you try and start new expensive projects while still failing to deliver on the old already paid for. While your art is unique there are hundreds more artists out there, and you no longer have a monopoly on smut.

  2. …not sure what padpaw is saying there. the shasta and goddess projects aren’t new, they’re things i’ve been doing for a while and as such making them functional is the sort of ‘follow thru’ required in this situation…

  3. So we won’t see anything on wild anymore that sucks

  4. It’s like a multi-year long train wreck… how is it possible to fuck up so consistently for this long and still operate? I suppose it’s a testament to furry autists’ total disregard for financial responsibility

  5. My apologies i thought you were testing the waters to see if you could drum up more financial support for your failing patreon.

  6. Same old story again…

  7. yes, there will be quite a lot of TF stuff..

  8. I doubt it..

  9. I say enough is enough it’s time to decide what is more important and what you need to focus on goneallwild or the other shit but enough is enough it’s time to choose already because clearly there is a issue here and it may be over work i don’t know but seriously you give us all these things you say your working on diary of a vixen and that new froggy and cici thing you even mentioned them at the beginning of the so called 40 transformation what ever it is but still really nothing yes you posted half the frog but just HALF yet you post more of that giganta stuff and Shasta stuff so I think it’s time to decide am I the only one feeling this way or is it just me

  10. gotta have a lil more patience…

  11. You need to rethink. Restart.

  12. Patience? Oh, pls. You make promises like a populist politican, but you hardly ever keep them.

  13. Stop acting like an entitled child Anonymous.

  14. For those who have money out and have been waiting for almost literally ever, I feel for them.

    The rest: This popcorn is delicious.

  15. You pay monthly subscriptions but then see no posts for a month…. That’s not entitled, that’s unfair.

  16. Honestly, mamabliss is a bit of a thief with promising to deliver on content then not doing so. TAKIng money and not following up on your word, that makes you a liar and since you up and took the money you are pretty much a thief.

  17. Change the Patreon projects to payment per update please.

  18. I agree with TheFox, changing the Patreon to “per update” would not only be more fair to those of us paying, but also might motivate you more?

    I try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t tell if it’s just a lack of motivation or depression or a bandwidth issue because you’re always so vague.

    I really like your work, but honestly the only reason I’m still subscribed at this point is because I’m too forgetful to cancel.

  19. Failing artist Mamabliss is a total disaster, BIG LEAGUE! Only around because dopey followers keep giving her money. Sad!

  20. TheFox: I am generally of the mind that *ALL* patreons should be pay-per-update in an ideal world. The problem is the pay-per-update setting on Patreon is the easiest setting to defraud by quite a lot. Patrons get instant access without paying anything, so people just go get fake credit card numbers and put them in and do whatever they want. They get kicked out of the system at the end of the month, but they can (and do) just cancel right before the end of the month and then resubscribe right after the charge, or just get a new acceptable but fake credit card number to put into the system after they get kicked out. Either way on the pay per update setting fraudsters with almost no effort can basically get everything for free all the time minus a day or two of blackout once a month. I know someone who set up for the pay-per-update and it is now about 50% fraudsters subscribed and nothing gets rid of them except switching back to monthly charge.

    So if Patreon gets its act together and makes sure that pay-per-update isn’t any easier to defraud then monthly payment, then I would totally agree all patreons should be on the pay-per-update. As is, however, I have a good deal of sympathy for those who want to maintain the pay monthly option if only to keep from getting eaten alive by fraudsters, and even when they don’t really provide monthly updates (much to my frustration).

  21. pay per update wouldn\\\’t work in this case, since what i\\\’m interested in is how many pages the current tally would fund me doing.. more fundage.. more pages. it has nothing to do with people possibly signing up so they can read the stuff since is posted publicly. they might of course pledge so i\\\’ll do more pages and pull support but then i\\\’ll just do fewer pages the next month. Of course this requires i do pledges divided current-page-rate every month which is what im trying at the moment…

  22. I just wish you had that philosophy with the new goddess patreon, from the beginning. We’re going on, about 20 months of that Patreon, and if we do $160 divided by $20 per page (8 freelance pages per month), 8 times 20, we should have 160 freelance pages done by now. …by your current expectation. …I know this is why I eventually pulled out of the New Goddess Patreon, because I was paying $20 a month, to see commissions that somebody else fully paid for. We didn’t get a commitment to this freelance artwork, until now.

  23. $160 is the average amount per month, that I figure you’ve acquired from the A New Goddess Patreon.
    $20 per page, is your color artwork commission.
    20, represents the months elapsed, since the beginning of the Patreon.

    I did not take into account the Shasta Needs Booze Patreon, or the paid commissions from other people.