swimming with the faculty [1st half]

..but first i’m posting the first half of the froggy girl story on wild… lucy is at it again..

So whats going on with my ‘40 day’ thing? It may take a bit of time to work thru… I’ve been trying to do a number of projects all at once and had to deal with a bit of crunchi-ness which set me back a bit. I have no intention of cutting it short though. also i need to do some giganta and shasta pages tomorrow…

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  1. wait didn’t you say you were doing vixen and before vixen it was the horse girl and now our only giving the us half of a comic and your 40 day transformation thing ends in like 5 days in just a little confused what’s going on i think we deserve a little clarification on what’s going on

  2. If we get more than one page of giganta today I’m good.

  3. ..jusstaaa moment

  4. I’m glad to see that the MamaBird is back in the “wing of things”.

  5. well.. shes clearly given up on patreon.

  6. I have a comment, that’s been in the moderation stage on the “Borked” subject thread. Can something be done about this?

  7. It’s been in moderation, for a little over a month.

  8. So do we just give up then?

  9. You didnt give up ages ago? Lol, well better late than never

  10. Well this is pretty disappointing

  11. Why bother posting complaints? She doesn’t listen. This song and dance has been going on for 8 or 9 years. Delay after delay, excuse after excuse. Unreliable. At this point I have to ask..is it drugs, health related …or something?

    I keep telling myself to leave, but I keep lurking in the shadows, hoping she gets it together.

  12. Guys, haven’t you noticed that MB almost never posts new pages on the week-end? And lo and behold, the week-end has passed and there’s another page.

  13. @Stripes I think you made a mistake; what you meant to say was “Haven’t you noticed that MB almost never posts new pages?” No need to thank me!

  14. 13> Ha-ha! Sad, but true.

  15. I mentioned MB’s health before, but she herself, implied that her health is fine, so I’m not sure why there have been huge delays from her, for 8-9 years, like Incognito said. …Incognito, I know why I stick around. MamaBliss is very unique in her artwork and humor. That’s what I come to see.

  16. wow… im sorry badreality… that is certainly a monumental comment.. here’s a link to the page.. http://www.mamabliss.com/blog/?p=1813 ..not that im necessarily going to read it, i have work to do!

  17. Thank you MB, for sending my comment through, and linking it, from this thread.