giganta page posted…

..on goddsess ..response to my ‘40 days of TF’ thing is so far looking good. I think people understand it as a signal i’m serious about getting wild’ running properly again, which is what the intent is.

Comments (7) to “giganta page posted…”

  1. Awesome! keep the content train going!

  2. Loving all of this! Especially where giganta is going

  3. Damn. I was away on holidays for the last few days and missed several comic pages. I thought I’d still be able to view previous images, but now I can’t. Missed all that good TF stuff. :(

  4. aww, dont be sad… there will be so much new stuff…

  5. It just leaves me with three comics with big gaps in them. I’ll have to wait for the re-runs, I guess.

  6. So do you already have like all 40 comics done or are you still making them up and will we see any gorilla or pig tfs those my fav animals giggle

  7. i have about 30 pages of comics needing coloring… do have a big piggy girl thing lined up further down the road.