borked! having to put the 40 day thing on hold while i figure out if my sign-up page on wild’ is functional or completely borked. CCbill is being of limited help since it tests fine for them.. what i need is a couple of people with functional credit cards to give it a test run, email me at if you’re interested, would refund any possible charges afterwards if you want, leaving you with a months free access.

UPDATE:do yes, is borked, unless you live in japan, then it works fine. Will wait till monday to try and get them to fix it..

UPDATE 12/26:..might have this fixed momentarily, ccbill is updating the script-files they keep on the site.

UPDATE 12/’s fixed, ccbill has some old files in place in their folder that ‘lives’ on my server and they needed to be replaced. Things are looking up’

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  1. …oops. You let the Swedish Chef (from the Muppets, make your title). lol :P

  2. Lol, how convenient… glad you were able to find a good excuse this time eh?

  3. yes anonymous, making my signup page give errors so i could put off posting arts is exactly what someone would do.. step 4..profit!

  4. Classic. A couple days delay for whatever reason and the desperate-for-attention trolls come out of the woodwork to shit on what progress has been made. Great to know you’re so petty that you’re still hanging around this website.

  5. Since you said trolls, I’m assuming you meant me too. You can call me a troll or whatever, but I paid $20 a month into A New Goddess’ Patreon, for 18 months. Plus I paid the $8.95 fee for the subscription sites, for about a year. I did it, because even though there was a lack of content, I felt that was what I owed her, for almost a decade of entertainment, for me. I’m not helping the situation, because I don’t want a system that isn’t working, have my current credit card information.
    You can call Anonymous a troll all you want, but MamaB has had trouble keeping up with this work, since 2008. Look through the blog, you’ll see many many messages from her, stating that she needs to get “back on track”. Fuck, there was even a new MamaBliss website in 2011 (five years ago), that I almost forgot about, that she created, in part to inspire her to forward her arts. That website is dead in the water, by the way. A long time ago, I thought she had burned out, and was only continuing this for the money. I still think that may be the case, but her art style still has heart. I love it, when she throws in bits of humor, at her whim.
    This current wave of artwork, I still think is driven by the money she earns from commissions, because she mentioned quietly in the past, that she was dealing with medical stuff, and months afterward, art stopped from her, as I assume she was recovering. Now, she probably needs to pay those bills, and that’s way more incentive, than anything that’s happened before to her.
    Look Mad, all I’m saying, is that a comment like that from Anonymous is unsurprising, if not unexpected, given her track record. …and Anonymous, I truly believe that she wants/needs CCBill fixed, this isn’t B.S., from her. …and MamaB, be more open with your fans about stuff, even medical stuff. It will preserve our opinion of you. If any of you follow the artist Sheela, you’ll know what I mean. That girl stopped pumping out artwork, but it’s because she’s become anemic, and the doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong with her. Her fans have been supportive of her, for almost a year, now.

  6. yikes, when was i talking about medical? if i have lately its some family stuff, not my own. also what website were you talking about in 2011? I haven’t been where i want to be in a while in terms of what i’m doing online… but i do feel is within reach, extremely close now.. and that it’ll be awesome if i can get there so i continue.

  7. Sorry MamaB, but that lecture has been building in me for years.
    I’m trying to find the website that I referenced, this is what I’ve come up with so far, I’m 90% percent sure this isn’t what I am thinking of, so I’ll keep on looking.
    In the meantime, I came across the comic you made of your avatar, when you did your first hardcore reboot in 2011, and it’s as entertaining now, as it was five years ago. The comic posts are #987, #994, and #996. I posted a lot of filler comments you posted as it shows the lack of content then, and why you were inspired, to do the reboot. One of the interesting posts to me is #998, in which you mention a server problem right after your reboot. It’s similar to how you have a CCBill problem now, after your current reboot. …I’d love to see another comic featuring your avatar, for this current reboot. The little guy named Wilbur (or something), could reprogram your brain to a v3.0! …Wilbur also asks you rhetorically in the comic if you want to display every decision you’ve made in the past five years public. I find it interesting, because right now, it’s been five years since that comic, and you’re rebooting your initiative on this website again; pattern, no?!
    If you look at comment #15 on this post, you can see that it took the original Giganta comic over two years to complete, which kind of cements my “burnt out” argument.

    I had to do a bit of a workaround to get to these webpages, to make my case, cause in the blog, there’s a broken link. In a google search, to get to the 2011 blog pages, I came across this review of you, and I believe that it’s accurate.