porno finali.. two[2] of 40 days of transformation.. the conclusion to the ‘porno’ comic is posted on wild..


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  1. What about Giganta? We barely got any page over the past 3-4 months…

  2. just a momennnnnt’

  3. @1 According to Mamabliss, Giganta and Shasta are just “side projects.”

  4. yes, they better be, from a financial standpoint they are kind of minimal. when my work isnt doing to well they tend to show it.

  5. and wahat will be next?? and so excited!! will be a tf equine in this 40 days of tf?? like werehorse or donkey??

  6. quite possibly, though i doubt on the scale of that werehorse comic, that was crazzzzy

  7. Well that was a trainwreck

  8. what are you referring to anonymous?

  9. the tf horse is my favorite kind of TF and and your work of werehorse is my favorite comic of all time!!

  10. When these forty days are over, how far along will you be, on your slated commissions (i.e. give a percentage, like 40%)? I’m wondering sincerely, not asking maliciously.

  11. Oh, by the way, when is the Sleep Over comic gonna get done. My penis, (ahem) I mean I, have been excited for the continuation of that comic, for a long time!

  12. will do my best,i really dont know at this point, am hoping for some positive results from this to sooth the waters…

  13. Hoping to see A few Giganta pages tonight.