Announcing… 40 days of TRANSFORMATION!!! in other words quite a lot, starting with ‘Sexy beast’ now posting daily on wild.. next will be the conclusion of ‘porno’ and a number [38] of other things.

Comments (10) to “40 days of TRANSFORMATION”

  1. Wowwww… we have made it to the promised land…

  2. if i can pull it off..

  3. That’s an ambitious project. O.o

    Good luck!

  4. I hope that will come a tf horse or equine!!

  5. yawn…

  6. Right. Start another project when you can barely handle the two you already have going on.

  7. my transformation arts [goneallwild] has been a major thing for me but has been slipping lately, shasta and goddess are really side projects..

  8. Looking forward to this.

  9. I really hope that there is some M/F CTF and possibly CV!

  10. Aaaaaand two and done. Whoops!