more previews… [wip]

..bussy shading butts… will start posting stuff as soon as this is done..

[UPDATE] by ‘this is done’ i mean the comic, is 18 pages… go go go! also another butt!

[UPDATE] takin’ toooo long, tonight we have boobs..

[UPDATE] coloring up last 4 pages, might have it tonight, also a shasta and giganta page as well’


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  1. Oh my I love green and I love big butts so I LOVE THIS

  2. Glad to see you’re back

  3. Holy shit this already looks hot as fuck.

  4. Durgons! Looking good! The deformation of the boob against the hand and arm in the left panel is perfect. Just from this aspect of the drawing one has a perfect idea of its weight and supple softness – beautifully done.

    “takin’ toooo long” That is what you always say about coloring. I think you figured the issue before: the final coloring is a “low thinking” process compared with the rest of the thought intensive comicing process (layout, poses, etc…) so you don’t think of it being time intensive because it uses relatively little brains compared to the other bits. However, it is *VERY* time intensive just not brain intensive.

    Which brings me to the next thing I always harp on: it is time intensive because you do a great job with the coloring. Because you do a great job with it your skill are in high demand. …but you are charging almost nothing for time and labor intensive work with skills that are in high demand! THAT AIN’T RIGHT. You need to charge more. At least charge more for your color work if nothing else!

  5. Taking to long dude UV posted some about this everyday it looks to me its on track and can’t wait to see what the rest will be

  6. Yay looking forward to more goddess stuff! :)

  7. Wowzer she seem to not be happy but is happy at the same time what does this mean and does this lady have a name.

  8. Progress! Keep it up, mama.