yet another sleepover [m/mmmm C-vore]

sleepover_pre.jpg here is a little four page comic of a somewhat predictable nature. next up i think will be the equine TF comic that’s been kicking around here a while. is a theme.





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  1. Aw, yeah! Good old-fashioned cockvore! Now that’s my kinda sleepover!

  2. can we haz GTS Flatulence now?

  3. @2: Got kind of a one-track mind, haven’t you…?

  4. @Kooshmeister: Well let’s do a poll vote about the fetish here.
    I’m sure GTS Flatulence is #1.

  5. @4 wether or not it is doesn’t mater. MB posts paid commissions. Requesting particular fetish content in comments isn’t going to have any effect.

  6. And given the propensity for some here to use multiple names, such results would be completely untrustworthy.

  7. farting gts is that on the way?

  8. This was quite fun Mamabliss, thank you. Is the equine TF comic you mentioned part 2 of “A Donkey Tail”? If so, great!

  9. You won’t get anything just because you comment on every single posting. You ask for the same stuff every single time.

    @Kooshmeister & @Stripes are right. If you want something: commission it, otherwise STFU. Your constant spamming is getting boring.

  10. Not gonna lie, this is probably one of the best Cvore comic’s i’ve seen in a long time. Truly one to be proud of.