a introduction [m/m/F vore with poop]

…also am working on this, want to finish it in the next two days.. is a vore story [m/m/F w/p] i’ve been owing to a few people like.. forever. Seriously, you know that time back in the bible when jesus was running around on the triceratops? they were both like.. ‘crap, isnt that comic done yet?!!’

UPDATE:will post these as i complete them, here’s page one…

UPDATE:and page two!

UPDATE 3/24:here’s page three, as people have noticed the inking on the first page is a bit different, i changed up 2 and 3 recently and the my settings are a bit off, need to tweek them, if your curious can see the older version pages here and here

UPDATE:annd 4 [that was the older batch to]

UPDATE 3/25: page five.. six and seven

UPDATE 3/26: this is taking to long, tooo lonnnng! anyway am finishing up the inks this moment, then will be a clear shot thru to completion in the shading.

UPDATE 3/29: all done! available here as a zip or cbz









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  1. Seems cool, Mama. Try and keep up the communication! I still think people would be happier seeing a list so they can at least see roughly when their stuff will appear. That might make Jesus and his triceratops less confused.

  2. GTS, When?!?

  3. Rate of updates = lookin’ good.

    If nothing else the rate of feedback has been excellent this month.

    Those ink lines look much crisper and nicer then predecessors.

  4. Scouting comic?!?!

  5. agree with Numbah 2.
    Any more gts on the way?
    if so any farts with them?

  6. please gts buttcrush :-)

  7. I think we’ve had more than enough GTS and farting pictures. Time for other things. If you really want them so badly, I guess you could always commission MB or something. Otherwise, let’s be quiet about it for a while.

  8. hey quit that. lets not provoke an argument here.

  9. I believe there is a GTS commission pending ^whistles casually*

  10. a couple of them… at least.

  11. Gts comm with farts?
    that will be posted perhaps?
    *says I in the zoidberg voice*

  12. First off, there are never enough GTS fart/buttcrush stories. ever. Second, keep up the good work mama-b, I beeeelieeeeve!!

  13. oh right, and I meant to say, I’m looking forward to this one, I do so enjoy these stories~!

  14. Hope their wait time wasn’t less than two years…

  15. What is w/p?

  16. My best 2am guess is ‘willing prey’?

  17. m/m vore and sexy pred !

  18. Definitely look forward to seeing how this plays out, but do agree with Tony (and Strawkitty) that if not just a out of the way commission queue page, would like same as the others to know where things stand.

  19. Wow the inks and shading in this comic look awesome! Its so crystal clear on pages able make out most all details in them.

  20. nuuuu, my commission list stays in the lock-box… ummph.. there, all locked up.

  21. The art in this looks great!

  22. Wow the art in this really good hope its trend for future b/w works lol.

  23. Art on page 1 looks a lot better then page 2 – Not that page 2 looks all that bad on its own.

    I think it is the mix of line weights that really does it. Page 2 has very little variation in line weight, mostly thick stuff, and it looks more like traditional 2D hand animation, only less precisely drawn. Basically it plays against your artistic strength, the beautiful free flow expression of your line work.

    Meanwhile Page 1, has the heavier line weights to emphasize major or thicker object boundaries, and then is deliciously decorated with finer lines that add nice detail, and lovingly allude to the fun wild play of your pencil-work style for which you are so well known and regarded.

    Also, the mixture of partial cross-hatching and gray-scale shading in page 1 is really visually appealing in my opinion. Not sure that I have seen that before, perhaps it is a bit along the lines of some of Nojo’s colored works.

    In the end though what you did art wise for page one works so much better then what you did for page two.

  24. any anal vore gonna be in this?

  25. Naked is spelled with two “A”s?

  26. yes.

  27. you should really stop it with the inking, you destroy your own drawings and it doesn´t look cleaner, it´s awful

  28. I think they look beautiful

  29. I hope there’ll be some post vore scat in this one

  30. While I prefer the note-passing story element modification of the revamped page 2, I have to say I really liked the art on the abandon one more.

  31. yes, there will be. i probably won’t be doing a lot with the inking, slows down the process considerably.

  32. Of course, the dual timeline to humiliation is interesting in itself.

  33. I actually think the inking looks fantastic in this series. Sometimes it’s a struggle to identify what exactly is going on, or who is saying what, but that could be my poor eyesight making it harder than it really is.

    At any rate, I look forward to your completed work :)

  34. I love this! It’s so sexy and the otter is soooooo cute!

  35. If only there were more comics like these. Miranda Dragon has good taste in art content.

  36. colored gts farts?

  37. I love practical biology!

  38. Mamabliss, you do know most of the images in the Zip file are unfinished?

  39. A satisfying conclusion. Thank you very much for your efforts. :)

  40. Happy mama’s day, mama! Very nice story, and I think we’re all happy to see you posting as you finish pages. So are we going to see the kitty hulk next?

  41. um.. pretty sure they arent… 0.o’

  42. So are we done with giantess and farting escapades?

    I ask because I really would like to see more like Toilet City, but instead of shitting there is farting.

    A BBW doing it would be nice.
    I am sure we’d pay for it if we were guaranteed to get it within the next month at least.

    But we all know that’s never going to happen so commissions here are about as fruitless as a apple tree the middle of death valley.

  43. Haha, I knew Kaelis was gonna get eaten, too. So much for his “passing grade” although he should’ve been suspicious when Miranda told him he *AND* Otter would be getting passing grades and then proceeded to tell Kaelis to eat his friend. I’d be all like, “Wait, if Otter is getting eaten and digested, how can he pass the class…?” See, kids? S’what ya get for thinkin’ with your dick!

    I do think it’s interesting how Miranda acts like they have a future (i.e. if they help demonstrate the digestive process, they’ll pass the class), only to then oh-so-casually have one eat the other, then gobble up the remaining one. I see this a lot in fatal vore scenarios and it never fails to both entice and perplex me.

  44. the problem with being inclusive of a broad range of content and genera is that is spreads one kinda thin. that can make things difficult especially if the situation in stressed on not running in an entirely optimal manner.

    death valley is a good analogy. an apple tree would have a hard time but more tenacious patient life forms would survive.

  45. I just want to see gts farting…I am simple like that.

  46. “I do think it’s interesting how Miranda acts like they have a future (i.e. if they help demonstrate the digestive process, they’ll pass the class), only to then oh-so-casually have one eat the other, then gobble up the remaining one. I see this a lot in fatal vore scenarios and it never fails to both entice and perplex me.”

    @43: Agreed. I think that is precisely its purpose though. It is sort of a dark humor element to the thing. She fulfills her promise, but it is meaningless promise: *sad trombone*. I guess it is also humorous as it plays on the weirdery of the fictional society relative to the ones we are comfortable with. These characters live in a civilized society by its own standards, and yet it has to reflect the fact that some of its citizens eat each other thus abruptly cutting short their lives. Depending on which of these vore-universes we are talking about (or if multiple of them are in the same fictional universe) then these societies have to actually deal with citizens who have perfectly normal productive socially critical lives who not only can get randomly eaten, but some of whom actively seek it. In the end we all die and the only thing we leave behind is our reputation. In a society in which any of its numerous pray members randomly check out at a moments notice, final reputation of the consumed may be all that matters to its denizens. As such those high marks for a finish might be really all a hypothetical pray species could hope for.

    That though is the very hypothetical how do you explain this seriously answer. I am still going with the dark humor answer, and obviously the final meta answer is that all of this is fiction and all of the stuff any of us commission has such apparent oddities when taken seriously and thought through. But it is a compelling thing to think about none-the-less as are all the necessary oddities of these fictional fetish worlds.

  47. @46: A fair enough answer.

  48. I liked it very much, Mama’s humour is not for everyone it seems. Although i thought the second one dissapeared rather quickly, no relief for him i guess :)

  49. @48: Now that I think about it, yeah, he did. It seemed a little rushed. Still, I really liked the comic overall. It was smart, sexy and mischievous. :)

  50. that was predictable

  51. Would of been better if Miranda was the one eaten

  52. I guess. But I like seeing such a sexy woman eat a cute boy. :)

  53. Thank you

  54. You’re quite welcome. And who cares if it’s “predictable?” Sometimes familiarity is comforting and fun. Besides, it’s your freakin’ comic commission so it’s up to you who gets nommed and who doesn’t. :)

    In any even, I meant what I said. Past disagreements aside, Miranda’ you’re a very lovely lady. :)

    Oh, I just noticed the apple on your desk. Someone’s a kiss-up, or has a crush on the teacher. ;)

  55. whats next on the list, can’t wait to see it

  56. Well, I’m sure we’ll find out soon! :)