the Full Set [f/m CTG herm equine]

… drawings proceed! i’ll rotate this out as i work on it.
UPDATE:ok, all scanned, on to lettering and color… here’s the scan of page one.. it’s Restoration home equine edition!

UPDATE:annnd some color, want to finish this tonight or early tomorrow morning.

UPDATE:comic posted on wild



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  1. My my… this seems interesting. :)

  2. That picture is a perfect representation of Stripes fanboyism.

  3. Okay, that looks absolutely yummy.

  4. Mmmm, can’t wait!

  5. looking good.

    Minor nitpick “The ground is *too* steep.”

  6. arrrr.. lucky thats easy to fix…

  7. Is a tf anthro??

  8. @6: yah there was space for another “o” in the word bubble. If it didn’t look like an easy fix I wouldn’t have even pointed out.

    On another note things appear to really be humming along quite nicely artwise. HURRAY!

  9. Ooooh, sexy ‘mare’. ;)

  10. Can’t wait Mama :)

  11. Usually not a fan of CTF, but the overall here was really good. If the pace and quality can be maintained this March should be quite a month to remember.

  12. easy now, not yet at full potential capability. still only using ten percent of my brain like a normal human.

  13. Is there any GTS flatulence on the way?

  14. is in there somewhere…

  15. too bad this is going to be another single comic to get people to pay for access, then no other updates for 6-12 months.

    15$/month for access is just meant to rip you off

  16. I am not paying to have near no new content.

  17. @15: I don’t know if prices have changed or something, but I get charged less then $9 a month for access and I am pretty sure that is the standard. I believe the first month is a big charge to try and gently encourage people to stay subscribed because it makes staying subscribed more price competitive with de- and re-subscribing all the time.

    Certainly if you think

  18. There is also the point that Mama has definitely been working her way back to a regular or at least semi-regular schedule. I’m still not sure how much of her paid commission backlog is still blocking her work-chute, but this is a big improvement.

    Keep it up mama! Remember, people are still a lot happier to see something (however sketchy it is) to show that you are working in the background than hearing nothing.

  19. work-chute.. please no one ever use that term again <_<'’

    i don;t think subscribing has much to do with a cost benefit anlaysis. is fairly easy to access what i’m doing daily-comic mode without engaging in such practices.

  20. i really love your CTF work mama and have been a big fan for a while now, however I’ve only ever considered purchasing an account before and I’ve recently missed thew first 3 pages of this story so far and was wondering if it will be in the archive and if I pay will I have access to the other 3 pages before the entire story comes out or do I have to wait?

  21. Most of the time the completed series is already available in the archives before it is posted to the public pages.

    You still “get to wait” but you’re usually about 7-10 days ahead of the curve in seeing new material.

  22. yes, i post the full story almost always complete on the subscriber side… also if you miss pages you can always bug me and i\’ll re-post them.. like here… .. .. something i started doing so people wouldnt develop alternate locations, like image boards and such, would rather they get it here.

  23. Thank you Mama, i really appreciate that!

  24. im missing 4 to 6. its odd. your page had nothing showing at all until today and it went right to page 7

  25. 24> Since the file name doesn’t change for the public page, you’ve got to make it a point of doing Ctrl-F5 sometimes when reloading the page, and sometimes even the image itself, to make sure it notices that the image has changed.

  26. ugglebuts! i think i fixed that, wont happen again..

  27. I think 24. meant he also missed page 5 of this comic, as did I.
    Otherwise REALLY Happy to see you posting again, I’ve been a BIG fan since ‘06! (woah, 8 years o_O)