..a cover for T’sade

T’sade [http://tsade.com/] recently put out a steamy dinosaur/human romance novel [porn] for which i did this lovely cover. ‘Eliza and the raptor’ is available on his website and such. so awesome.


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  1. Thank you for helping me something fantastic! *hug*

  2. that’s New^_^

  3. Very nice, MB. You did a really good job on the cascading water.

  4. Wow, looks nice.

  5. That’s gotta be one of the best solo pics you’ve ever posted! :O

  6. Oh, for those who are curious, MB also did the cover for my last book (http://tsade.com/nine-sisters/mummy-girl/) but that was ten years ago. Hopefully, I’ll be finishing some more lovely kinky topics in the new few months.

  7. Lovely looking pic. Agree mamabliss this pic is awesomely one of your most detailed, and you have always been really good working with water and natural objects. Nice to see you getting back into spirit

  8. What happen to the scouting story!?!?

  9. Hopefully it has something to do with the vixen. Maybe the Girl Scouts are “evil”.

  10. @ 9 I think it was actually about a very large scout mistress devouring her troop. The mistress is a vixen but not the one that was posted recently, mamab posted a preview last year as she had both wide chest and hips.

  11. farting giantess?