a vixen

..i’ll be back and engaged in the posting of art around march 1st, meanwhile… a vixen appears…

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  1. canceled

  2. @ Dudeman,
    right on.

  3. all i can say is this is a complex situation, i’ve veered way closer to the world of ‘fail’ then i would ever have thought possible, i’m not there yet though. anyone who has ever sent me funds has participated in my existance online and continued art making. thats what is at stake. is it worth it.. is it not.. thats other peoples choice to make. if you are just interested in content subscribe for a month, look thru all my stuff… and cancell. i’m happy with that to.

  4. You have made excuses years now, most -people do not like giving money for nothing.

    Your going to have to either shut your site down and give refunds to everyone that has paid you money for commissions, or your going to end up with no one wanting anything to do with you.

    2-3 years of this your done, it’s a shame but oh well.

  5. But every update is posted cor free in your blog. I don’t know your situation or pretend to. But some measure of exclusivity of content for subs should exist. Updates are few and far between and when they are free ones what’s the point. I like your art, its right up my alley. My issue isn’t with the product itself. Its the rate of generation and the fact that all the generated material is public.

  6. Side note. I run small business. I know its not easy. I’m trying to be honest. Criticism is important for growth.

  7. March 1st, eh?

    So…May 29th then?


  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    It’s past time to change how you monetize things. Give up on ’subscribe for full access’ and switch to a ransom or sponsor model.

  9. Or find someone who can help organize your requests, your finances and keep you on task. Have someone find the request that are basically old and have been paid and have people angry and get them done. Then do the latest ones Until your caught up…no more commissions. That person will also have to keep you updated on your website and Chakat doesn’t have a bad idea. Regardless…you need organization. I love your work…even though I can’t afford your site I used to and enjoyed it greatly. Hell, I even paid for a commission and then had to give it up because there was no way you could get it done…was I disappointed; yes, do I understand yes. Why did I fork over money for no return…because you are a great artist and have an amazing talent and if my loss kept you going…so be it. But one day I hope to commission that piece again and hope you can draw it. Till then; find a way to make it work or ask for help so you can make it work it!

  10. so no comic :(

  11. @Dudeman: I agree that the situation is grim and the business model is highly problematic (goodness knows I have written a number of very long ranty emails to MamaB directly about what I consider some critical failings in the current model). However from what I have seen, including post #3 above (which I am fairly positive is actually MamaB and not a troll) I think the current deal is that things are crappy and unstable right now and what passes for the current “business model” works on the pay to maintain system. Pay to maintain in that whatever comes out is what comes out, and one chooses to support or not support the system by paying into it and that is mostly all the subscriptions are currently form.

    It is like how Dwarf Fortress “business model” works: http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/ Basically some dude sits in front of his computer and whittles away at the pile of requests, updates, and bug fixes for his game as he sees fit. The game itself is free, and he survives by having people who appreciate the game periodically throw money at him as they see value in it with no pressure or reward for doing so. There is no exclusivity to being a recurring donator or anything really for sale or for purchase other then the continued improvement of the game and a show of gratitude for its creator/maintainer.

    Thus in the current “business model” with Mamabliss, a subscription is really just a recurring monthly support for Mamabliss to do what Mamabliss is doing. This of course means there is no obligation to stay signed up for it if you don’t like what is being done. But the point is in this model there is no product or exclusivity, it is just a thumbs up or thumbs down to the Mamabliss existence made with or without money respectively. Thus if you are expecting a special exclusivity or product for subscribing (beyond it being a soft vote for what type of content you want depending on which site you are subscribed for) you will in the current “business model” end up very frustrated because that is simply not how it works at this time.

    This is the reason for the quotes around “business model” as it isn’t really a business model in the conventional sense of the phrase. Its more approaching a hippy porny art commune or something. But whatever you want to consider it, it is currently the model, so you aren’t really being ripped off, you just feel ripped off because you weren’t made fully aware that this was sort of a porny art stipend you were financing and not really an access or content purchase. If you want Mamabliss to continue to exist, some form of income is necessary such as subscriptions. Obviously this choice is up to you, and everyone including MamaB agrees that things have been reading kind of high on the failometer production rate wise for quite some time now.

    Thus subscriptions end up being more of a future investment. Investments, of course have an element of risk to them. No one knows what protracted personal crises MamaB is going through (indeed it is none of our business) but subscribing is an investment in a theoretical MamaB of the future, who has overcome said issues and returned to the glory days of pornz like the golden age of yore. If sufficient investment doesn’t happen during the crappy times now though this hypothetical future cannot ever hope to be.

    The problem is that the situation has been very protracted now, and we have had a number of promises that it was going to finish before too long which have not come to pass. This is disconcerting and understandably disheartening and upsetting for many subscribers and potential subscribers. That being said, I personally am willing to trust MamaB. I have dealt with scam artists before and for numerous reasons this doesn’t strike me as a scam set up, just someone really down on their luck and crushed between a rock and a hard place. Personally I think the pittance of $9 a month is worth the potential investment in the possibility (however remote) of a glorious porny future, plus the little bits of work that get done while waiting for that future to come to pass. I mean many people spend over $9 on coffee in any given week, so $9 a month really just isn’t that much of a drain for a maintenance stipend plus a potentially high risk future investment. The final judgment, however, needs to be made by each potential subscriber individually which side they want to take on this, and it isn’t too hard to see why people would make the opposite choice to what I have.

    I am sure I am going to get angry responses from long waiting commissioners for this post, so I would like to preempt those by saying I am only discussing the pros and cons of subscription, not commissioning, that is a whole ‘nother can of worms.

  12. …god I need to work on concision, no one is going to read that because of its length.

  13. I read it. It’s a lot of good points but, I commission.

    so yeah.

  14. Forget the subscription model and go purely commission based, MB. Then sell access to the material on your site in packages. You’ll likely make more money doing things that way, and you won’t have legions of entitled whinebabies screaming about their subscriptions.

  15. good lord, yes cishiral.. stop writing those!

  16. Good lord Cishiral…tl;dr

  17. I think many good points where made. However I think it’s high due time that a new model of payment is reached.

    Instead of charging people for subscription.. Open the sites up. This will draw people in who can view your artwork freely and they will then “Support” you with donations. With this open content then comes your new base of income… Commissions.. instead of using your current subscription sites make those more of a “Advertisement” for your skill and commissions.

    I think that aside from all this it’s more of a time management. I really think that it’s not that you don’t want to change the current situation.. it’s just you don’t have the time and energy. There’s so many simple small things that could of been changed.. but haven’t simply because I think you can’t or don’t have the time to focus on the sites.

    None the less, I love your artwork. It’s just for you… something needs to change. As people have said, no on can really complain (Atleast the non subs) when you’re posting all your recent artwork for free.

    I guess that’s my point though.. why not make everything free and run it off the basis of “Donations” and “Commisions” you’ll see better results and be less stressed from the Subs.

  18. i appreciate all the thought and suggestions going on here. the situation is actually easier to fix then you know. withhold judgement for the moment and see how march goes.

  19. @15 & 16:

    Hey, haters gonn’a hate, and pontificaters gonn’a pontificate. Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, it is nature and inevitable.

  20. Incidentally as a slightly random aside, one thing that has decidedly improved over the years is the art. Look at the art in the last year and compare it with the stuff from the beginning, the progress is quite striking. Also there has been some generally very good stuff recently at least in the veins I am interested in. “Alex and Lady Ambrose” is probably one of my top favorite TF comics of all time.

    So while the rate of production has flagging there is both good stuff and good improvement occurring. If the impediment to art, whatever it may be, clears things should really be shining around here quite splendidly.

  21. Oh, I like the picture, but I really like sketch artwork.

    cishiral: I think you have some really good points, but then again, I don’t do “tl;dr”. Thank you.