YouarewhatyouEat [vore contest]

..yes, i remain alive! though clearly not at peak efficiency.

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  1. Mmmmm. Delicious!
    Thanks Mama.

  2. gts farts?

  3. Short but fun. It’s nice to see another piece posted.

  4. no gts farts until another five months sorry

    [edit] not me!

  5. That was awesome! Thank you, I love the humor.

  6. Well done. This is one of those pieces that more caters to my tastes and is very enjoyable. Your work is as lovely as always, even if the content isn’t always up my alley. ;)

  7. Amazing!!! Love it!

  8. I dunno, the rate of output here would seem to be approximately constant if you measure it in terms of how many nipples.

    Really funny this, very Drowning by Numbers.

  9. …my God. That was the joke, wasn’t it.

  10. gts coming up next soon everyone!




  13. But i hope mama will post this on 14th February.
    It would be splendid *p*

  14. still waiting on that 911 call

  15. Coming soon my ass

  16. *sight*
    Well, next time don’t say “soon” if you don’t post in at least 2 days afyer :’(

  17. How “soon” is “soon”?
    I only ask because I am certain everyone hear has developed a different meaning of time at this point for when Mama posts art.

  18. yall niggas need shut up. bitch ass niggas need to lern sum patiece.

  19. Pretty sure I just fell on my keys.

  20. Very well done! Been reading your work for years (about 14 years now since I was in 7th grade) and I just love what you do. I still go to Bellystuffed to check on updates but I make sure to come here too.

    Always glad to see you draw and make comics and hope to see more in the next coming years. Keep up the good work :3

  21. Number 18’s a fake an’ I’m pretty sure MamaB might have an IP tracer 2 confirm it. Which is y I’m now usin’ da name, 4 now, “Original CBGR!”

  22. all these fuck ass haterz stealin my name and shit. nigga u mad? let dis be the last time i chang my name bitch nigga

  23. 21 and 22 are just fakes using my name. Don’t know why they chose my name doesn’t bother me. I’m not changing my name jus saying.

  24. AGAIN I REPEAT there stealing my name. MamaB KILL THAT BITCH. FUCK! Which is y I’m now usin’ da name, 4 now, “Original CBGR!”

  25. Number 21-24 you guys are funny, you know what would be even funnier if you move to somebody else.

  26. Oh my God! What is wrong with people? People using the same name to troll another guy… Other people using mamabliss as an alias… Quite frankly, MamaB should make it to where you guys should be a registered user of her site in order to comment… But that’s just my suggestion.

  27. I understand for mamabliss[fake] but the other isn’t true?
    Damn it…

  28. something vored it should be pooped!

  29. Lol I really don’t care what these trolls do with my name
    Shit don’t really bother me. I’m not renaming myself original cbgr or true cbgr like these trolls suggest. Trolls gonna troll.

  30. 29 is a fake

  31. 10 is fake?
    I hope this is the true Mama *p*

  32. I think Imma stop postin’ here 4 like a good long month (or 2) an’ c what happens… Cuz y’all faggots just wanna blow up a comment section wit rancid shit tryna imitate pplz. Just like y’all is doin’ 2 Mamabliss herself!

    21 and 26.

  33. U know wut, I’m jus tired of y’all tryin da fuck shit up. I jus got da get this shit out there, bitch ass mothafucking faggots ain’t shit. Fuck y’all!

    21, 26, and 32

  34. any minute now there will be an update?

  35. i think ima give her till the end of the month to post something she said would be soon 6 months ago, then im unsubscribing

  36. Dudeman ya got great patience, because from the posts I have read this artist constantly does this to her audience.

  37. its not allot of money, its more about the fact that im paying ANYTHING for something thats not delivered, and im not a fan of flushing money down the toilet

  38. @Dudeman,
    I agree.
    I think to subscribe to a site like this there must be a degree of upkeep at least new content once a month. And really in color.
    The black and white lines make it a bit difficult to tell what is even going on.

  39. Meh. Should have ended with the other won “winning.” Would have been better.