special treatment [m/f/m/m/m soft-vore taur]

… annnd this.





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  1. Now dat’s kinda interesting. I’ve seen soft vore b4, but never when da volunteers/victims exit.

  2. cute AND naughty, yaaay!

  3. A lot of updates recently. Most impressive.

  4. Very cute! Yeah, as stated in the one before last, you did that Shasta one with the unbirth and regressed birth, but I don’t remember you doing any full tours before, and you did an excellent job with this one! They’re for sure going to be rewarded with plenty of repeat customers and referrals.

  5. Nice to see more content again. This one’s alright and kind of amusing.

  6. This and super preggers are the best things I have seen on here since bellystuffed.com and mindlessconsumption.com stopped being updated.

    Thanks a million times, and I can’t wait for more.

    Keep it coming. Woo

  7. Any ctf comics coming up?

  8. Oh! I like this! And not just because there’s a wolftaur! ;D Who’s the lucky taur in this comic? :)

  9. yes, more CTF stuffs.. got a bunch in planning.

  10. So… any gts content around the corner? maybe giganta 2 or something of the likes?

  11. soon bitch soon

  12. *looking up*

  13. This, Superpreggers and Donna in a single week? I think I’m going to need to redecorate my bedroom walls…

  14. Is there gts flatulence on the way?

  15. and the tf equine mamabliss??