Donna [diaper fur/GTS/poo]

..and then of course this… to be honest i think i missed the mark a little, the person i did it for probably likes it but  i just did my usual GTS stuff, the result doesnt cause any brain melting or mental discordia…  how do those japanese people doooo it?!!! \o/








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  1. It’s….It’s…. IT’S!!!!!!!!
    *nosebleed + death*

  2. I think people will say this:
    - we want flatulence, poop and gts (more like Toilet city or Giganta comic)
    - Diaper concept is new there but not so pleasant for these fans.
    - The furry concept is good

  3. Well, this one’s not my thing, but at least it’s something else posted in a timely manner. The one with Peg was at least amusing, but this one’s got no particular appeal for me. The art and layout’s good though - your usual mix of fast sketch and interesting poses/angles. Hopefully next time will be different material.

  4. I suppose you can’t please them all the time, eh A#2?

  5. how about her w/o a diaper and farting on tinies.

  6. This is an acquired taste, and though it doesn’t put a bad taste in my mind, it’s not a brew I’d actively search for again.

  7. and the tf equine??

  8. I like how she ate them to help make the poop!

  9. Wow this couldn’t be better, possibly the best thing you have done yet

  10. Diapers, now thats different, but amazing,keep up the good work

  11. Ehh…

  12. I fucking love the scat and diapers, but I really hate furries.

  13. …makes for a somewhat confused anonymous. not a big deal though, just move on.

  14. you always find new things for me to be into

  15. good job mama

  16. oh wow, thats all i can say from my amazement

  17. Can’t think of much I’d want to add - other than even more pooooooooop! lol Actually, I had a bit of trouble figuring out what the second-to-last panel was, I mean aside from the sound effect and the diaper it’s hard to tell what’s what.

    Maybe someone to change the immense ‘little’ one would be fun.

    I like it muchly.

  18. i like it just should of shoved people in her diaper like a good girl

  19. wow damn, not changing that, i just wonder how big her mommy is.

    Keep up the great work

  20. diapers and vore

  21. Hey Mama,
    can we get a anal vore or unbirthing