Ass Assassine [face sitting, ect..]

…okay, so yesss, this is is a comic about a hit man type lady who uses sitting on her victim[s] faces as her modus accompli with a bit of farting, fem can and a bit of scat at the end. It’s a big comic so here’s a zip or cbr file if your concerned about overloading your browser.

Comments (13) to “Ass Assassine [face sitting, ect..]”

  1. pretty long and nasty…LOVE IT!

  2. Not much for cannibalism but still glad you are getting new piece up.
    I bet we’d all like to see some colored giantess fart comics too.

  3. Truly amazing.

  4. Adorable. I love it.

  5. Loved every bit of this ! I am also waiting with much anticipation for new stories, looks like my waiting is rewarded with this latest masterpiece !

  6. shes lost it tisk tisk youve lost your fanbase and your fanbase was always furry vore anf furry art f/m and f/f stuff not cani and pedo shit!!!!

  7. 6, Seriously you’ve been crying about that for months. If you want to see that so much, commission a comic of that or shut up you ass hat.

  8. Loved it keep it going

  9. Wow… that was… creepy as all fuck. o.O;







  11. Terrible, just awful.

    …I loved it.

  12. Quite Possibly my most FAVORITE thing you’ve ever done ever… Sick, twisted, and very hot! I can’t even read through it in one sitting- it’s so good!

  13. might be another one of these sometime…