toilet city[GTS poop]

This one… is exactly what it says. Is monumental in its own way, 30 pages in color. I’ve uploaded a zip file here instead of posting the pages, so, click or dont click, a choice is required!

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  1. Thank you!

  2. Please do a fart comic with her, this giantess ahs a great design to her and a massive butt which I am a fan of, please do more of her farting next time.
    I will gladly provide a script If I got to.

  3. I almost had a heart attack when I saw this. Absolutely beautiful, every single page.

    While reading this, the thought of a 30 page Ass Time comic came to me and gave me a whole new reason for living. I gotta start saving :P


  5. Not into scat, but between this and the skunk girl (with the tree city) both brought a smile to my lips.

  6. Here’s to more Giantess stuff in the futre.

  7. Agreed w/ numbah 6 more giantess.
    Preferablt farting ones.

  8. I truly feel that if this doesn’t satisfy GTS/scat fans out there, nothing will; at least this drawn to be bad lady had the good sense to wear thigh-high waders before doing the dirty deed….

    Exquisitely drawn, mamabliss…

  9. More vore mama, post vore scat!

  10. Two words…Excellent work!

  11. Love to see giantess stuff! This story was great. Since it’s called “Toilet City” I was expecting some urination. Maybe next time!

  12. After a new goddess ended, i thought that was the end and i didn’t expected such a long story from you again. But you managed to surprise me again with an incredible 30 pages of the most beautiful and sexiest art. Love you Mama!

  13. How about some flatulent giantess?

  14. Great comic!!

  15. @Anon13: Imagine the next comic: giantess+fart+pee+scat+ dildo-skyscrapers = it would be perfect xD

  16. @Anon15: Imagine the next comic: giantess+fart-pee-scat-dildo-skyscrapers+anal vore+ mild hyper anus = it would be perfect xD

  17. one word awesome

  18. more farting GTS pretty please

  19. Nice, but I was wondering if we can see more furry related farts?
    mama does good anthros maybe do like anthro mlp and have them macrosize and fart up a storm? Rairty the unicorn as a macro anthro blasting butt could be awesome!

  20. Ya know it wouldnt kill you to add some vore mama.

  21. Once more you give, and once more I am grateful. Thank you!

  22. more farting GTS please & Thank you!

  23. Loved it!

  24. more gts farts please!

  25. mo farting giantess, coem on!