Scrumptious [f/f soft vore]

here’s a cute lil vore comic i did for someone recently…

scrumptious_01.jpg -

scrumptious_02.jpg -


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  1. What a streight forward and colorfull display of soft vore you whiped up this time. Its gorgeous as always. As I take another look at it, I cant help but notice the body shapes respect a certain degree of realism, in other words, your fast paced drawing style seems to get better and better.

  2. This was an incredible comic, thanks MB, please draw more…you are a true MASTER of your artform.

  3. quit kissing her ass she did a three page comic compared to her other works which dont take as long redux of the mike storyline without cub vore pedo crap!!!! I want to see that film with the zebra girls made into a comic stupid morons!!

  4. Just a little nitpick! Between the last panel on the second page and the first panel on the third page, the meal somehow spins around inside the dragon’s mouth.

  5. Yaaaaay vore! Nice to see some after so long!

  6. #3

    Your comment reminded me of that vid. Thanks for the laugh.

  7. I am stunned, pleased and delighted in oh so many ways

  8. So we gonna get more GTS I’d liek to see thatgypsy babe get mroe ass action.

  9. @DigitalRed

    Good one. XD

  10. Great art and nicely written. I have missed Mamabliss’s vore comics!

  11. Too cute!

  12. dammit post theese vore comics in bellystuffed and redo the mikey story mamabliss without the pedo vore crap!!! also want to see what went on with the zebra girls in the last mikey story

  13. Lovely!

  14. Are you ever going to post all the new vore comics(including the Giganta one)on bellystuffed?That site hasnt been updated in a long long time.

  15. There are FAR too many rude assholes posting their requirements here. Ever think that Mama’s lack of production might be in direct proportion to how much shit people shovel in her direction?

  16. ever think about her crazy pedo fetish and not posting 2 year hiatus has somthing to do with the bitching retard!!!