Giganta [complete]

It’s done! all done.

previous giganta updates can be found.. here, here, here, here and here.
also the entire comic can be downloaded as a zip file… here [cool if you open with a .cbz reader]

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  1. Well at least you said “possibly”

  2. I just wanna thank you for sticking with this project.

    Not all of us who were waiting for this comic are trolls with nothing better to do than harass people to hurry.

    Looking forward to see it when it comes out :)

  3. Thank you ! :)

  4. 10 bucks on after Giganta is done the people who are trolling just find something new to be a dick about.

  5. So we can probably expect them next month? Get your shit together Mama.

  6. so 2013, gotcha

  7. I’d jsut liek to see more farty giant girls not jsut gignata ^^ but thankies.

  8. In before: Don’t feed the trolls, just ignore them. MB is doing what she can, look at her art, then ask yourself how long anyone would normally take to make stuff like that. Realize it’d actually take them weeks =O
    She’s not slow, just irregular. ;-)

  9. The song Fallin by Alicia Keys reminds me of my feelings on your work and time issues. Made me laugh.

  10. Blah blah bullshit maybe bullshit blah blah blah

  11. The way the story went so far, it was almost an ending and maybe we should just consider it ended with page 54. If Mamam is going to post a few pages now with an open ending the agony could last months.
    I would love to see an ending, an final to a story i really enjoyed, but maybe it was not ment to be.

  12. But then again, the day isn’t over yet…

  13. These pics will be a nice Christmas present don’t you think?

    Fuck you mama

  14. yeah actually…
    fuck you
    I believe in mamabliss

  15. to fuck up the Troll what if in the End Giganta would shrik ? :D

  16. Perhaps it will be released tomorrow. Perhaps it will be released tomorrow.. Perhaps it will be released tomorrow… Perhaps it will be released tomorrow….
    Perhaps………. aw bullshit

  17. False promise… no shocker.

  18. heeeyyy look at that no pages

  19. At 16 - 17 and 18

    will be starting to post some page[s] *possibly* tomorrow.

    That doesn’t sound like a promise or guarantee to me.

  20. Perhaps Mama doesn’t like to finish it and the only reason she tries is because everyone is demanding it.
    It could be best for everyone if she would just say; “Look, i am not going to finish and that’s the end of it! Live with it…”
    On the other side, after drawing more than fifty pages this has become something of a opus and any artist out there would agree that this needs finishing, even if it is something the artist doesn’t like. The artist would own the public a conclusion.

  21. Or i could say;
    Go to Hell Mama, and finish the Damn story!

  22. Lol, fail 21. You’re the impostor that posts on various names and doesn’t do anything but troll. You’re kind of pathetic, really.

  23. mamab WTF!

  24. hello 22.
    I am not the imposter, in fact i have never posted a comment until yesterday.

  25. tombaker learn to read he said 21 not 20

  26. No look behind you, you asshole!

  27. Put more vore in it Mama.

  28. Some scatty fun with a cheerleading squad would be neat for the last few pages~

  29. Well I’ve always enjoyed da comic an’ was– er AM patient. Quite frankly, I’d like 2 c more of Shasta an’ those other guys, but … yeah. Nothin’ I can do right now.
    Otherwise, I’d commission a sequel 2 dis here

  30. Pretty amazing picture! And great to finally see an update :D I would suggest something sexual involving her cunt- pussy vore or regular vore- but I suggest pussy vore with some people or something. Or…well something that really shows off that she’s now their ‘goddess’. The picture you have really make her look…well godly lol

  31. When this is finished mama can you update the link o nthe main site too please?
    i really don’t like having to track down each page individually :P

  32. More farting and/or scat !

  33. Thank you!! Its about fuckin time!

  34. but Verdant means green…?

  35. I think superm@n would be more of a toy for her since she wouldnt have kryptnite

  36. Swallow.. digest.. and absorb superman into her massive ass. plz and ty

  37. Superman suggestion: Gigantic kryptonite crystal turned dildo. She ties superman to the end with wonder woman’s lasso, and plunges him into the savage depths of her rectum.

  38. Thats…

    really an incredible idea

  39. Im sick of your crazy behaivor& delays mamabliss update your vore site!!! I used to like shasta till you made her a pedo phyco pred lay of the bill hollbrok comics okay crazy bitch. the K&K comic is evil made by a crazy writer. my avice redo the mikey comics without child vore sick bitch!!!!

  40. Superman being digested and Giganta absorbing his powers and becoming even BIGGER!?

    Yes please

  41. #37 and #40.. I like both of your ideas.. Hopefully MamaB reads these posts.

  42. I vote for superman being digested-> scat.. absorbed into her tits and ass.. something to that effect..

  43. grab ivy and harley quinn an fart obn them both make them lick her asshole.

  44. Let whoever funded decide….

  45. #37 and #40 put together…


  46. I like the idea of her eating superman and gaining more strength and size because of it. She could also gain some of his powers too, and causing more havoc using it. For instance, I was thinking about a finish where she could make a super fart a lot more powerful than anything she done before (thanks to superman newly gained strength!) and destroying a huge part of the city, with skyscrapers being blown away and stuff.

  47. Bigger Bigger Bigger!

  48. 46 has a good idea then watch people choke on her musk.

  49. Wonder woman’s long dead. She went down a storm drain with bats. I like the kryptonite buttplug scenario. I’d love to see him being used to clean that dirty whole.

  50. I vote for eating superman! After she plays with him some of course. Stuff with her ass is always good.

  51. Definitely eating Superman -> digesting and absorbing him -> gaining his powers and growing

  52. I agree #51.

  53. No more god damn growing. She’s big enough! If you get to the giga sizes there’s no more fucking point to enjoying Giantess stuff. She’s so big you don’t even see the interaction with the people anymore, its like knocking over tiny lego blocks.

    Stop making her bigger, I was pissed when you altered it the first time. Don’t do it again.

  54. What about one of those superheroes that can gigantify himself? Antman maby? Seem to remember a giant hero or two. I’d like to see Giganta get a Humongor shoved down her throat after all the crap she’s put everyone through (literally, in some cases)

    Of course, she’d win in the end (literally, again)

  55. Yeah, no more fucking growing.. No point in her being any bigger than she is now..

  56. 54- nah…the point of this comic is that the ‘evil’ giantess wins out- that’s what makes it cool in this super hero storyline.

    The good guys don’t win- the villianess does…which makes it amazing.

    Additionally- if she grows more it will be at the end of the comic so there’s no harm in that because there won’t be a lot more interaction left.

    The growth solidifies her as a giantess (plus she CAN shrink later…her powers allow her to grow and to go back to normal)

    So having her eat superman, and grow into a giga/ultra giantess would be just AMAZING as hell to see lol

  57. #54 no giant guys! wtf!

  58. fart on the hall of justice.

  59. superman wouldnt die in her stumic.. with out kriptinite.

  60. And this is absolutely what the comments should look like all of the time…

    Awesome suggestions

  61. Suggestions? Ok….

    What about Superman flying into her ass only to find a big lump of kryptoniet in there. He barely makes his way out in time but Giganta farts the kryptoniet out, kills Super, and eats him.
    She can also shits him out after that, makes everyone happy…

  62. She needs to eat.. and shit superman out on the justice league headquarters.. or something!

  63. everyone agrees that there should be a big shit and fart finally?

  64. Hey all you anonymous people! Your anonymous! So am I :3

  65. @ 61: that’s simply awesome


  67. when are we getting another page?

  68. Hello page 56! Where the fuck are you?

  69. She doesn’t give a shit about our opinions. This is a ploy to rack up her page hits….

  70. Aliens.

  71. Eat superman.. and shit out his costume..

  72. another page or what we ot to wait a month for that too?

  73. 1 page per month would be a vast improvement.

  74. Hi Troll do you feel well ?
    Did you have your pot of
    “no one is interested” today ?
    Cause you seem to be in great need
    of attention.

  75. was lex killed off..? cause lex and superman could be fighting.. and lex always has kriptinite..

    so lex and superman are fighting.. lex attacks him with the green… then giganta grabs superman those 2 start fight.. she flicks super into a shard of kriptinite.. that is stuck in him.. “were she then can eat him…” and to add your farty poo stuff.. superman is in a flying postion.. when is fluffed out.. but is just a skeliton with a torn costume.. and the kriptinte shard still in him..

    sorry for any spelling

  76. More vore.. farting.. and pooping please.

  77. We can’t agree- therefor Aliens

  78. #76 not that theres anything wrong with that its just theres been plenty of all three so far.

    What we really need is a buttload of anal vore, like some of mama’s old stuff on maximumgts.

    It seems like there are one or two instances of av in this comic but they’re very vague and leave everything to your imagination. I think we need some detailed sphincter swallowing. (personally)

  79. I agree one million percent with thrasos. Anal vore is why I started reading your stuff, mamabliss, and you do it SO FUCKING WELL I’d love to see more, especially in(no pun intended) giganta.

  80. These are gunna be great at Halloween when they come out.

  81. Never posted before, but figured it was high time I mentioned how awesome you are for sharing your talent with this community. Especially when it’s in spite of all the unwarranted bickering. Thank you for doing what you do!

  82. Seen you on Eka’s Portal El Portero, we have similar interests in art.

  83. I can’t tell if that is blood or poo

  84. Me thinks it is both! What a way to go loll

  85. Oh Mama! =D that was awesome

  86. That was great!
    If someone would tell me 10 years ago that i would get off by watching a chopper dissapear in someone’s ass, i would have declared them insane.

    Keep up the good work Mama!

  87. that was incredible!! personally i’d love to see the anchor still alive and twitching, only to have gigantas shitfinger itch him straight out of existence.

  88. DAT ASS!

  89. next page please ^_^

  90. Cmon cmon, let’s keep it moving!

  91. 57?

  92. I wouldn’t mind seeing those “roughed out” pages

  93. Blue balls mama BLUE BALLS

  94. I agree with #92 can we see some sketches.

  95. Thank you Mama for living up to my expectations, i knew you wouldn’t let me down. Hope you get a contract at DC (just kiddin’)

  96. Looks fantastic. :)

  97. I look forward to the latest page

  98. mamabliss we want the bread and butter of your art furry vore id like to see what was on that tape with the zebras

  99. latest page

  100. Please post the full rough

  101. WEEE! Broke 100!
    Next page please, yes?

  102. next page! next page! next page! next page! next page! next page! next page! next page! next page! next page! next page!

  103. Move it mama. Give us something to work with here.

  104. *poops*

  105. More vore.. and pooping..

  106. We have a very strange fetish lol.

  107. Yeaahhhh……

    If you think about it…

  108. i dont like vore scat that much espicaly cub vore shes gone crazy and needs help to get back on track and stop being a pedo nut furry pedo is pedo if you agree your one of them and your dividing by Zero!!!

  109. For those into furry art comissions jsut opened up here.

    I’ve comissioned the artist before, I recommend going to him. He’ll draw stuff like macro, giantess and farting, plus he works pretty damn fast.

  110. fluffy bunny slippers

  111. I want her to swallow children alive and shit them out all over their parents…

  112. I LOVED IT!

  113. Congratulations Mamabliss for this epic conclusion! I love your work, you are an amazing artist! Please do more stories of Giantess / Scat for his fans!

  114. Oh thank god it’s finally over, now it can stop being the focal point of our sad pathetic, artist harrassing little lives, at least until the next project comes along and we get to throw temper tantrums like monkies flinging shit around because our specific niche fetishes aren’t met every single page of every comic.

    PS: GJ MB, I don’t know why you bother with a fanbase like this, but I’m sure you have a few legitimate, non-crazy, non-selfish fans that aren’t failed abortions like the trolls and demanders. Be proud of yourself just for being an artist at the very least!

  115. Thank you

  116. Of course, a simple ‘thank you’ does not express my gratitude enough.
    Even that the course of this story has been taken a long time, and a lot of patience, it has been worth it.
    I am sure that all your fans are just as pleased as i am, that this is finally finished. What doesn’t mean that there finished with your work.
    Overall, i loved this story, it’s humour and roughness, but most of all the art. I hope your next epos will be as exiting as this one, Good luck MB

  117. IT CANT BE OVER..

  118. Gotta admit…I liked the ending in the script A LOT more…

    Still at least it’s done with…


  119. Zip don’t work. Links invalid

  120. Hey. I wanted to see the view in that building she put her ass on. It was in the script

  121. Mama didn’t listen to any of our awesome suggestions.. Dumb bitch…

  122. Thank god this one got done.

  123. Thanks a lot for completing it Mama!

  124. So whats next ? ^^

  125. Awesome mama thanks for finishing this! The link to download the zip file is broken though!

  126. Nice work glad to see it pan out.
    So whats the next big gitantess fart project now that this one is finally done.

  127. fixed the zip file link, i have a couple of GTS projects lined up, with and without poops and giggles.

  128. Thank god it’s over. Even though I’m sure the horrible trolling problem is not.

  129. mamabliss,

    Have you ever considered going into animation? Seeing your work in motion and having your efforts appreciated or not by a paying public–for those who commission your work this is an obviously moot point–would be something to behold…
    Thank you, additionally, for posting this gigantic online epic FREE OF CHARGE for us; the folks at DC Comics have some large shoes to fill (bad puns intended)…

    Happy Mother’s Day from One Muthuh to a Bad mama,


  130. Hello,

    Is there a change to see a seventh part to legend of the wherehorse?
    I kind of miss a satisfied ending.

    Animation could be great, but only if it is done well. There are a lot of bad 3D animations out there that don’t capture the original artwork well.

    Keep up the work, and happy Mother’s day.

  131. Superman was a real asshole in this one.

  132. No one wants to see more wearhorse monsters fucking tombaker.. ya faggot..

  133. Thanks a lot Mama! Can’t wait to see more GTS content!

  134. You did an amazing job with this! Again, thank you for sharing your incredible talent with this community!

  135. They don’t neccesarely have to fuck me 132, as long as the fuck with their gigantic dicks.
    I saw you where already working on the ending Mama, thanks for that.

  136. Awesome ending for the best GTS-comic ever!

  137. Aww did it have to end? I wanted to see her grow even larger, big enough to squash a city under her foot. Superman isn’t the end all be all, there are more powerful beings than him in the DCU after all…

    Why not make this something you keep adding too when you are in the mood? I want to see her grow planet-sized and fight the entire Green Lantern Corp (and stuff all the Guardians up herself, man they deserve it) or destroy Apokolips between her boobs and eat Darkseid lol

    Giganta could keep growing and eventually BECOME the DC Universe ha ha (muhaha?)

    But either way, great job!