work in progress…

…is a page from the ‘just seconds’ story…littlepills_489.jpg

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  2. @Anonymous #1

    So what?

  3. I’d like seconds, and thirds, and fourths of that. Except for the multiple nipples thing. XD

  4. This doesnt look like giganta

  5. This could be enough to make me resubscribe. I’ve loved the Just Seconds series so far.
    Giganta has honestly just been off-putting.

  6. Love this site. And thank you Mamabliss for sharing now and then. You are such a dedicated working beast. A lot of people here don’t seem to appreciate that! Hoping to see more detailed step by step human unbirthing with transformation soon. A mix between “Getting Aquainted” and “Gryphons”…

  7. This… Isn’t.. Giganta…

  8. YAY!!!

  9. Every time someone complains about Giganta, a child dies.

  10. Yes, that looks like something about big tits, I like it.

  11. shouldn’tthe desire for giganta iondicate it should get done?
    I mean if customers are happy don’t you get repeat customers? isn’t that the point?

  12. MamaB is so cruel to keep Giganta from me…

  13. I’m starting to think all the giganta complainers are one or two very sad people posting over and over just to be heard. What a sad lame existence. Trolls are sadder than anything they might say.

  14. eh.. i dont get this one.. is there more story to it.. “previous stuff?”

  15. lol #13 is one of those Giganta posters trying to throw people off the trail.

  16. I’m not going to rush you or anything Mama, but I’m just wondering if we’re ever going to see a continuation of the WereHorse comic or if that was the end of it? I thought it was really great!

  17. @16 don’t you mean giganta

  18. @17 Nope. Believe it or not some people like things besides Giganta.