Hungry Gal [GTS] promised here we have a cautionary tale on the perils of riding the subway.

I’ve picked up a lil funding to finish the giganta project by the way, so it can be done in style… with a bunch of pages.



















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  1. 1st! Praise Mamab!

  2. Awesome.

  3. To be honest, when told this was like Giganta I was expecting farting.
    I guess I am just greatful you did what you said what you’d do. That I’d say counts for something but a bit on the to little to late for somes.
    Still good on ya for keeping up to your word.

  4. Between Hungry Gal and Giganta, who is the more evil of the two, from whom would you rather meet your demise, and who has the better “drawn to be bad” body (though the last point would be a moot one if you were told by either giantess that your life depended on convincingly disparaging the other)? Great update, MamaBliss–this one stands on its own merit!

  5. Yeah - nice little end twist. Damn that was hot!

  6. Excellent.

  7. I ask we alliance ourselves and track down this comic.

    called windbreaker it seems much more promising than anythng we are getting here.

  8. heh.. that issa fasinating comic, am not sure its was actually intended as porn. and it has fan art 0.o'’

  9. I’m just glad that she actually posting something. I wasn’t expecting vore but I’m amazed and pleased that there was.

  10. Meh, Im not into macro/micro stuff. Nevertheless, its very well done. Your a good artist Mama. And Im simply baffled at how you can whip up comics over and over again, Its hard as hell to do. Doing the squares, fitting the sketches in, making sure you dont repeat the same square patern in each page, making sure you land spot on the ending with your last panel. Not as easy as single pics

  11. My penis thanks you mama.

  12. Really good! Keep it up!

  13. I love it! You’re extremely talented

  14. Aw, I love it!

  15. Pls update this kind of stories (Hungry Gal [GTS]) everyday. Pls!


  16. we are starving for more gts vore poop and fart more please please more gts vore especially when the chicks eat the people the same size as her then grows or just her stomach get gigantic then poop and farts . your awesome

  17. Can we get some more comics? if it’s length that’s the problem can we get some 1page comcis that are colored filled with giant ladies and farts?
    Maybe some anal vore, I like BBws would like to see a big girl slurp so lil ladies up her booty or fart on them command young woman to lick her booty hole and fart.

  18. Subject: HYPERSCAT can make a belly stuffed type vore or gts comic with vore and HYPERSCAT a chick eating nonstop and poop nonstop like this pic i found on
    That pic blew my mind i could just imagine you drawing something like this but 100 time better, i would call it sh#t city 2

  19. Mamafanextreme is right. A girl that eats that much is sure to have some large shits. I smell a sequel.

  20. To whom it may concern,
    Here’s Giganta in its entirety:

  21. thanks 20.Anonymous its the closest wwe’ll ever get to seeing it done.

  22. So what is the next giantess project?

  23. God, I wish that all you people bitching about the Giganta comic would actually leave. Oh boo-hoo, you’re not getting to see any more of someone’s art as fast as you want. How about instead of bitching and whining, you pay MamaB to finish it? Oh wait, then you little babies would have nothing to bitch about. People like you shouldn’t be allowed on the internet. You’re not entitled to ANYTHING you don’t pay for. Thanks for the comics, MamaB.

  24. So….. what’s next. It seemed to be full steam ahead for a bit. But now were back to square one.

  25. You are a fucking idiot DarkTau. I hate when people make posts when they haven’t a clue what the fuck they are talking about.

  26. DarkTau….fuck you…

    People have paid for the comic. We are pissed because she doesnt deliver and is a flakey cunt.

  27. @26 Speaking like that may make her stop altogether.

  28. She wont stop. Likely this is one of her main sources of income. So the BS will keep rolling.

  29. She makes money from hits right?
    I mean vistits to the site and the forums? so really flame wars are profitale aren’t they? Because your getting more visitors and repeat offenders.

  30. Sorry to inform you all, I killed and raped Mamabliss… hehe showed her what a real man was while she was lying in a pool of her own blood. I enjoyed the feeling of spliting her vagina as I carved through her slimy instines. I enjoyed the smell of her butt as I clawed the skin of her ass. The smell of her voiding her bowels after she left the world of the living was intoxicating. I loved Giganta but she kept her away from me, she had to die, I had to kill her…………

  31. Sigh… copy and paste number 30.

  32. lol it was so funny it needed to be reposted.

  33. @30 are you by any chance related to Charles Manson.

  34. Actually I’m hoping for more! Much more!! I can’t recall a lady reaching atleast universal in a very very long time, not ever since the Little Mousey series~

  35. Little mousey sereis what’s that?

  36. @ 35. It is a series in the old mindlessconsumption archive. It involves a tiny mouse girl devouring the universe.

  37. @35 It is a comic in the old mindlessconsumption archive. It involves a mouse girl devouring the universe.

  38. Said tale of reference. “Little Mousey”

    Is a grand classic. Was a phenom before anyone knew what phenom meant. Much like the “Tea Party” was a phenom in its own right. Mama did a great job then.

  39. That comic looks terrible, terrible. it’s horrible drawn nothing looks like anything it’s liek a bunch of mish mahed scribbles.

    That’s a great job? Are you serious? Faces that don’t resemble faces?
    That first panel at the top to to left, the f**k is that?
    A cat and a mouse? are you serious that’s unacceptable especially if this is something you pay for.

  40. @Anonymous #39

    Yes I agree with you, Little Mousey is a great comic!

  41. I just don’t understand why she won’t finish the damn Giganta comic. There is so much interest and it has been so long for fucks sake..

  42. It took her several years, if I recall to do the vore comic “The Big Event”. and it was a commission for someone. So, it may take sometime but she does finish what she starts.

  43. Block comments, please block comments!