..i will be posting a 10 page GTS comic here on the 8th… like i might have mentioned before, not the giganta thing but something in the same vein.

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  1. That’s really awesome and I can’t fucking wait…


    even just a progress report on giganta would be pretty cool…

  2. Oboy oboy, this is gonna be awesome!

  3. What about the next installment of the Were-horse comic? Please don’t forget about that one.

  4. Gnarl! Wail! Thrash! Grrr! You owe me for the God-sized hole in my life with giganta! Waaaaailllll!

  5. Blah blah blah update blah blah blah another update blah blah blah promise there will be an update blah

  6. Yay, arts! :3

  7. My body is ready.

  8. @anon#7: I like what you’re thinking :)

  9. 10 pages.. bissy mama

  10. Haven’t been to this site in ages.. back when the only comments on here were negative. It is great to see that Mama is still in business and doing a great job at that.

  11. The 8th, as in the 8th of march? as in tomorrow or the 8th like of 2013? Just asking.

  12. Humm, so much balancing you got to do. Please the subscribers, please the commissioners, please the angry mob. So much pleasing. Now its almost tax time, and I’ve been here long enough to remember you struggle around that time. So much balancing and pleasing and struggling. Must be stressful!

    Good Luck Mama! Do your best!

  13. And still nothing

  14. My penis is ready.

  15. And on the 9th Day…

    …Mama rested.

  16. Here I am again.
    Mama, get it done. Only four more hours (more or less depending on your time zone)

  17. My penis has been waiting for this!

  18. On the 8th at anytime durring… not at the 8th exactly..

  19. Hey Mammabliss. I didn’t pay you a dime but I like to complain and make uncalled for threats on peoples lives because I’m convinced that everyone must personally owe me big time since I’m the one making the effort to come to these websites and get free shit and all you lazy ass artists do is draw, ink, paint, write, scan and pay for having a website hosted.
    Can you think of anything else that could actually make me MORE of a dick head, like you posting on the 8th your going to give us free shit and me posting on the 7th saying ‘where the fuck is it?’ I’m really trying to hone my complete shit-headedness.

    your pal,

  20. Not another word Sorsha, or we will turn our fury upon you as well.

  21. Impotent fury is impotent. :P

  22. Sorsha should be turned into a pig. That would be HOT!

  23. Alright its the 8th, where the fuck is my Giganta?

  24. So for some, maybe most, its the 8th.
    Are we really getting an update or is this just something to shut up the epic flame war on here?
    Hoenstly I don’t really like the constant dissapointment of being told something is going to happen then it doesn’t hold up, it leads to the credibility to this site really to lack.

  25. If MamaB don’t deliver today I’m gunna fuck her in the ear! Blow her brains out!

  26. Figures the guy/girl who has been anal for years about being paid for your work (Gross old women crushing things… bleh) would be the most uptight about money.

    Go bother someone else you penny pinching assfuck.

  27. PS - That was aimed at Sorsha

  28. “hey Mamabliss, I HAVE been paying you, every month!”
    so I have
    100% right
    to bitch!
    at the very least!

  29. Hey Mamabliss,

    Your fans are assholes.

    Most of them.

  30. in other obvious news,
    its the 8th.
    im one of those asshole fans.

  31. Love your work, keep it up!

  32. The day isn’t over yet, there’s still time, Mama! I know you can get it done!

  33. I think sorsha is being sarcastic.. telling people that your getting free art. and to relax..
    think about it.. 10 pages would take some time probley had to color.. and whoever comment that it is tax time.

  34. Seriously? It’s still not posted? Seriously?

  35. God damn it, shut the hell up whiners, there is still 12 hours of the day, that it wasn’t up at 1am too god damn bad!

  36. I feel ti won’t be uptoday, and when that happens I will galdy say, knew it.

  37. I feel ti won’t be uptoday, and when that happens I will galdy say, knew it.

  38. Pleeease hurry I can’t wait :D

  39. Mama I will have my retribution on you if you make my penis wait another day!

  40. Sheploo: I WILL DESTROY YOU!
    Femshep: YOU MUST DIE!!

  41. Out all day, I come home seekign mamabliss promised post… DENIED!

  42. I believe in ya mama ya can do it!

  43. What a shock. Mamabliss is full of shit

  44. Mama please post soon. Don’t be a liar.

  45. 3 hours until you get yours mama…

  46. This just in, mamabliss is full of crap. In other news the sky is blue

  47. I thnk spamming gts forums to abandon this site of lies wold be a wise move.

  48. @27
    Show me any post where I asked for money. My work has always been free. If your going to lie back it up with something you maypole.

  49. I thought you guys would have understood by now. She’s just playing with you. ;)

  50. My balls twitch at the thought of more gts material.

  51. Mama don’t say you will do something then not do it :(

  52. @ Sorsha

    I’ve seen the shit you spew on Giantesscity way back when, you’re not so innocent.

  53. is anyone really that surprised that she lied to us all yet again?

  54. I will have Mama’s drawing hand for this insult!!

  55. Yikes. I kinda can’t believe there is nothing. I have been an adament defender lately MamaB, but NOT FUCKING COOL.

  56. @52
    but unlike you I’m not an pathetic anonymous liar. What do you contribute other that your penis scented breath?

  57. Cool it, guys. Or you’ll lose a talented artist completely. That’d be way worse than getting your art a few days or even weeks late.

  58. It’s sad when people can’t wait patiently for something. You idiots who keep complaining have NO life what so ever…

  59. #56, you are an Anonymous you fucking cum bubble.

  60. @59 no, you are.